GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa.

GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa. — The once respected Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation has baldly revealed itself to be a mere arm of the Republican Party Establishment.

Earlier we noted that it sent a letter to the pro lifers on its mailing list in the 165th State House District saying I am writing to let you know that it is important to vote to re-elect Alex Charlton as State Representative in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, May 15 . . . It is vital we stand with Alex Charlton on Tuesday May 15 and Make sure that you go to the polls on Tuesday, May 15 and vote for Alex  . . .

Charlton is the incumbent who has shown himself indifferent, if not hostile, to the concerns of pro life people.

GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa.
The letter in which the Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation urges votes for Alex Charlton in the Republican Primary because his “Democrat opponent has an extreme pro-abortion position”.

Especially damning in the letter were the words His Democrat opponent has an extreme pro-abortion position and would vote to reverse the many pro-life gains we have had in Pennsylvania.

Um, he doesn’t have a Democrat opponent. His opponent in the Republican primary is Regina Scheerer who is a consistent and sincere pro lifer along with being an anti-corruption activist.

For some reason this pro life group — excuse me, Republican establishment group  — felt the need to dissemble.

Now, we learn they have also endorsed Jeff Bartos for lieutenant governor. Bartos is the guy who supported Planned Parenthood board member Scott Zelov for Montgomery County Commissioner in 2015. He’s the guy who created a ballot leaving off the name of outspoken pro-lifer Joe Gale in that general election. He’s the guy who will not raise a finger to protect the unborn.

Of course, he’s also the guy with the party connections so that means he’s the guy  who gets Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation support.

And, like Charlton, Bartos is using it for cover.

GOP Endorsement Equals Pro Life In Pa.

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  1. And Bartos is the one who is pairing with Scott Wagner who is a strong supporter of the bathroom bills — Bartos running for Lieutenant Governor and Wagner for Governer. Although they deny it, if the “bathroom” bill is passed, schools would be forced to allow students to share locker rooms, showers, bathrooms and overnight accommodations in accordance with students’ perceived gender identities. That means that individuals of different biological anatomies would be sharing these facilities.

  2. Timeline:
    March 2016 – Charlton fills out pro-life questionnaire and is listed Pro-Life.

    December 2017 – Charlton refuses to meet with pro-lifers and votes against a ban on late term dismemberment abortions. (SB 3)

    January 2018 – Several local groups met with him to ask him to reconsider and vote pro-Life. He said:
    – he represented a majority pro-choice district;
    – he didn’t know when Life begins
    – he couldn’t support the bill because it had no exception for fetal abnormality
    – he would vote the same way if it came before him again
    – he would not answer whether or not he was “pro-Life”.

    January 2018 – A full report on these meetings was sent to Maria Gallagher of PA Pro-Life Federation, and acknowledged.

    January 2018 – Regina Scheerer declared her candidacy against Charlton – citing several reversals on policy from his campaign pledges, primarily his pro-abortion vote.

    February 2018 – Local Pro-lifers and other supporters spent three weeks in very fierce weather collecting 900+ signatures to get Regina on the ballot.

    March 2018 – Regina and some supporters began going door to door to introduce Regina to the voters – to a very positive reception.

    April 2018 – leafleting and phone banking was conducted for Regina, and a number of favorable articles began to appear in the local papers.

    April 2018 – a poll was conducted asking, “If your state rep voted against a ban on post 20 week abortions, would you be more or less likely to vote for him?”.

    Sometime around this time, Alex Charlton and the Springfield GOP reached out to PA Pro-Life Federation to tell them of Alex’s epiphany. Now he knew he was pro-Life. Now he would vote for SB 3.

    May 2018 (5 Days Before Election Day) – Pro-Life Federation, without any consultation with any local pro-lifers including those who had notified her on the Followup meetings, sent a letter to their contacts in the 165th district urging them to vote for Alex Charlton – the pro-Life candidate! And tell friends and family that it is vital that they vote for Alex Charlton.

    Outraged pro-lifers from Delaware County began calling and sending emails to the Federation seeking a corrective action.

    The following day, a letter from the local State Senator was received by all GOP voters in the district – telling them to vote for Charlton because he was supported by the Pro-Life Federation!

    The Federation – after many back and forth contacts – sent a letter saying Regina Scheerer is pro-Life. What about retracting the misinformation on lying Alex?

    And we are now 1 day before Election Day.

  3. This is a front group for the establishment in a last minute desperate effort to try to save there embarrassing loss to Regina, a true republican who adheres to the values.

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