Alex Charlton Wins 165th House District

Alex Charlton Wins 165th House District — Incumbent Alex Charlton won last night (May 15) beating unfunded challenger Regina Scheerer in the GOP Primary to represent the 165th District in the Pennsylvania State House.

The unofficial tally is 4,473 to 2,347. It was Mrs. Scheerer’s first run for a major office, possibly any office. We will ask her when we see her.

She was motivated to run after Charlton dismissed concerns expressed by herself and other pro-life activists — including two local parish priests — at a meeting regarding his vote against SB 3. The bill would have limited abortions to 20 weeks in Pennsylvania rather than the existing 24 weeks.

Most countries limit abortions to 20 weeks or less.

After Mrs. Scheerer got on the ballot, Charlton began running as a strong pro-lifer even getting the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation, which sent a special letter of support for Charlton to area pro life activists. The Federation has shown itself to be nothing more than tool of the political establishment. 

Also, the party started spending money. Slick, professional mailings touting Charlton appeared on a daily basis. Ads appeared on Facebook. It was the Wehrmacht versus Holland at that point and Regina had no chance.

Still, it should be noted that Democrat Jennifer O’Mara got but 224 votes less than Charlton in her uncontested primary. He’s likely going to want Mrs. Scheerer’s support come Nov. 6. We are not certain that he’s going to get it. Hopefully, he is smart enough to try and reach out.

It should also be noted that abortion is not the only concern of many who voted against him. He spit in the face of activists several times, most glaringly concerning a commonsense anti-vote fraud bill.

Some might be thinking that if you are going to be represented by a Democrat, why not one who doesn’t pretend.

Except for Lou Barletta in the Senate race, the other candidates we liked also lost. We thought Paul Mango had a chance, the others not so much. We will happily back Scott Wagner for governor come November. He will be a YUGE improvement over Tom Wolf.

Establishment-connected Jeff Bartos of Montco won the lieutenant governor race getting about 48 percent of the vote with three women splitting the rest including our fav Peg Luksik. A little coordination on the citizen side would have helped.

We think we will be writing in Snake Plissken for that office come November.

An interesting thing is occurring in the Chester County District 2 Race for State Republican Committee.

State committeepeople, who are elected every four years during a primary election,  determine who the party endorses in state-wide elections and, more significantly, pick  the state party leadership.

While our friend Donna Ellingsen — who has been subjected to vicious and personal attacks in this campaign — is down by more than 600 votes and is not going to surpass party endorsed Patricia Milanese, her running mate Tim Welsh is down by but four votes to party endorsed Vincent Talucci.

Remember, these are unofficial figures.

For Republicans who robotically press the buttons for the party-endorsed ask yourself why do we pay vastly inflated prices for public projects like the Springfield High School? Why is money automatically and involuntarily deducted from the paychecks of public workers and used for political purposes — like campaigning for Tom Wolf — with which they might not agree? Why can’t a certified poll watcher from the center of the state watch polls in Philadelphia (and vice versa)? Hmm Alex? Why are persons who call themselves teachers still allowed to threaten to harm or even harm children for more money? Isn’t withholding an education from a child (teacher strike) harming a child? Why is someone in this state getting a $477,591 public pension?

Remember, Republicans have controlled the legislature for most of the last two decades and all three branches for at least four of those years.

Alex Charlton Wins 165th

Alex Charlton Wins 165th

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  1. The People will always get the Government they deserve when they blindly follow a deficient Leadership down the path to hell. When the Electorate is so disinterested that primary elections are so poorly attended, I despair of being able to turn this country around.

    Socialism, here we come!

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