DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship

DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship — Insider Val DiGiorgio was elected as expected chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee replacing Rob Gleason.

DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship
Chairman Val

He received 173 votes to 171 for Lawrence Tabas, the state GOP’s general counsel.

There was not a secret ballot as requested by Tabas.

The votes were cast by members of the Republican State Committee. Every county chairman is automatically a member of it with the rest being elected to four year terms during a municipal party primary.

Tabas noted in a public letter that many of those leaning in his direction were threatened by paid operatives of DiGiorgio.

The close vote shows a serious divide and problem for the state party. DiGiorgio’s win was to due to overwhelming numbers in the Philadelphia region. He lost the rest of the state, especially the Pittsburgh area.

DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship


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  1. Some sort of “electoral college” would keep Philadelphia in check…this does not bode well for ’18.

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