Obamanomics Or How Punishment From God Works

The doubts about Darwinian evolution expressed by Christine O’Donnell is this week’s subject for the long-knives who have apparently become bored with traditional witch-hunting. Commentator Rush Limbaugh just finished expressing some doubts of his own about Darwinism so the “open-minded” of this world can add him to the list of those they must shut up.

Will this Darwin-skepticism turn the election over to the Democrats? Will those who full well know the extent of the fiscal and economic disaster we face be unable to vote for O’Donnell and other Republicans because they fear they might get religious cooties?

In the last election many of those who voted for Obama and other Democrats, or refrained from voting for Republicans, were those offended by the attempt to keep Terri Schiavo from being forced to die of thirst and willfully ignored evidence of Obama’s destructive radicalism despite the undeniable conclusion that it would make them poorer and disadvantage their children.

Other SUV-driving suburbanites  simply cited anger over President Bush’s appointment of judges who pledge to follow the Constitution with implication they will overturn Roe V. Wade and allow for laws to bring some protection to unborn children.

So what did this rebellion against Biblical teaching get us?

Well, policies aimed at appeasing earth-gods for one-thing. It would be fair to call it scientific paganism. To atone for the sin of Deepwater Horizon all drilling was stopped in the Gulf of Mexico costing tens of thousands of jobs. To stop an angry Gaia from boiling us alive legislation is submitted to force us to curtail our energy use with the inevitable result that what’s left of our  manufacturing would be shipped to China so it could be they who emit the greenhouse gases.

This legislation will come to pass unless people like Christine O’Donnell are elected.

And then there is “health care” reform i.e. the superstitious belief that  putting ink on paper means better health care even if there ends up being fewer doctors, nurses and medications.

These things are almost akin to a Biblical punishment which if our leaders had read the Book they might pick up on.

Judging by the mocking of O’Donnell and other Christians running on the platform of stopping this agenda of self-imposed suffering, Democrats and the dinosaur media haven’t learned this lesson. One suspects, however, that the people have and will show it in five weeks, including in the State of Delaware.

Oh, and Darwinian evolution? The way it is suppose to work is that random genomic changes from a single-cell common ancestor fixed by natural selection account for all biodiversity. Note that guidance or design or initial programing by a creator is not allowed.

It didn’t happen. Those that insist that it did exhibit a faith far greater than those who simply think God came to Earth as a man to redeem us sinners, and rose from the dead.


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