No Bro List Used By NJ Dems?

Here’s a story you haven’t read in the Philadelphia Inquirer, children, or seen on the network news.

A New Jersey Democrat worker has filed a federal lawsuit charging the 2008 campaigns of Sen. Frank Lautenberg and Congressman Rush Holt, whose 12th District  includes Princeton University, with racial discrimination.

Christopher Nastuk was a canvass director for the Lautenberg campaign and his job was to find workers to go door-to-door to get out the vote. Among those hired by Nastuk were about a dozen blacks. This didn’t sit well with his enlightened bosses, who fired them a few days later and replaced with white workers whose names were distributed via email in a text document named  “no bro lists”

Nastuk was told that such workers were “demographically undesirable” in the white neighborhoods being targeted, and that he must not use people who used words like“yo, yo, yo“. Nastuk complained and was fired himself.

Attorneys for the defendants say “no bro lists” meant “North Brunswick” and the lawsuit is politically motivated.

Nastuk, a 44-year-old actor and life-long Democrat, denies this. He said he thought hard about taking action but in the end decided he had to do what was right. He is joined in the suit by Chauntay Jenkins, one of the fired workers.

Now, if the charges are true as one suspects they are one can understand where Lautenberg and Holt are coming from.  Most white Democrats are racist. Just look at the policies of the Philadelphia trade unions.

But wouldn’t white Republicans act the same way? One would grant that if a black fellow came to the door going “yo, yo, yo” and wearing gold chains, the door would likely be slammed in his face.

OTOH, if this black was neatly dressed and polite and said “we need you to vote next Tuesday,” the white Republican would be far more likely to fall to his knees and say “Thank God, the blacks are FINALLY wising up.”


No Bro List Used By NJ Dems?

No Bro List Used By NJ Dems?


3 thoughts on “No Bro List Used By NJ Dems?”

  1. I agree with the NJ Dems’ policy.

    If you are going to use ebonics, don’t bother applying. Politics ain’t beanbag.

  2. I was on this campaign back in 2008 and watched the whole thing happen. I was also asked to give a deposition for this lawsuit, which I was happy to do willingly. I knew Chris and worked with him for years. I’m speaking first hand.

    Chris, while he thought that he was doing the right thing, was unfortunately paranoid and misinterpreted the entire scenario. So much so that he removed himself from all things online (even today he’s got no traces of himself on the internet). The people who claimed they were fired for being black worked with the campaign for weeks, not days. The original number of employees was also supposed to be 6, but the campaign hired 12 and they finished their canvassing numbers 3 weeks early. Whats more- Chris was never fired…he just stopped showing up to work one day and was the one to encourage the lawsuit to take place. He never joined the lawsuit..he started it. No doubt that Chris’ motivation was fueled by an attempt to do the right thing…but what he says here never actually happened.

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