GOP Endorses Appellate Judges 2011

GOP Endorses Appellate Judges 2011 — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania, today at its annual Winter Meeting, endorsed Vic Stabile of Cumberland County for state Superior Court and Anne Covey of Bucks County for Commonwealth Court.

Judges to these bodies are chosen in state-wide elections.

The GOP won all races during the last state-wide judicial election.

Vic Stabile  is a partner with Dilworth, Paxton, LLP in Harrisburg, where he practices complex civil and commercial litigation. He and his family live  in Carlisle.

Anne Covey owns Covey & Associates P.C. which specializes in labor and employment law. She was appointed by Governor Mark Schweiker in 2002 as the first female member of the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. She lives in New Hope with her family.

The nine-judge Commonwealth Court hears appeals from final orders of certain state agencies and certain designated cases from the Courts of Common Pleas involving public sector legal questions. It also functions as a trial court in some civil actions by or against the Commonwealth government and cases regarding statewide elections.

The 15-judge Superior Court hears appeals from common pleas courts.

Decisions from both can be appealed to the state Supreme Court.

GOP Endorses Appellate Judges 2011

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