Will GOP Sup Court Candidate Unite 3rd Parties?

Pennsylvania’s big-government Green Party and the no-government Libertarian Party have a candidate to unite them namely Victor Stabile, the Republican nominee for state Superior Court judge.

Unfortunately for Stabile, the unity is to keep him off the bench.

Stabile easily beat Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Paula Patrick, who had sought Tea Party support,  in the May 17 primary election to win the nomination for a seat on the 15-member Superior Court which is the intermediate appellate court for civil and criminal cases from county Common Pleas Courts.

He faces Democrat David Wecht in November.

Stabile, who has been a managing partner with the law firm Dilworth Paxon LLP since 1992, was the hired gun who led a failed attempt to keep the Libertarians off the ballot in the 2008 presidential race and has boasted about being successful in keeping the Greens and Libertarians off the ballot in the 2010 state races.

Meanwhile in the Commonwealth Court race, the Department of State awaits the official county tallies to determine if the margin of victory by activist attorney Kathryn Boockvar over Barbara Ernsberger is enough to avoid an automatic recount to determine the Democrat candidate. Unofficial totals have Ms. Boockvar beating Ms. Ernsberger by 3,258 votes out of 615,308 cast which would put her above the half of one percent threshold for the automatic recount.

The winning Democrat will face Republican Anne Covey, who was strongly endorsed by conservative groups and easily beat Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge Paul P. Panepinto.

Commonwealth Court is a nine-member body
that is the intermediate appellate court for issues involving taxation,
banking, insurance, utility regulation, eminent domain, election, labor
practices, elections, Department of Transportation matters, and liquor

Hat tip GrassrootsPa.Com

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