Sebelius Won’t Save Sarah

The 10-year-old Newtown Square girl suffering from cystic fibrosis who desperately needs a lung transplant has apparently been consigned to death by Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama administration.

Bureaucratic rules require those under 12 to wait their turn for adult organ transplants, which can be modified for children, and prohibit medical necessity as a consideration. The family of the girl, Sarah Murnaghan, has petitioned Health and Human Services Secretary  Sebelius to waive the rule as it is in her power to do so.

They were joined by Sen. Pat Toomey and people from around the world.

Well, the Secretary has spoken. She has called for a review of the policy. It will take about two years. It is not going to do Sarah any good.

The allocation of organs is obviously a difficult subject but it is horrifically callous to hide behind a rule rather than be guided by conscience. It is the bureaucrats that worship these rules as they allow them to make problems disappear while they consider the menu for their next catered lunch. This decision should not be in their hands. The only criteria should be is it necessary and can it be done. The determination is best left to doctors with proven track records.

We must make that the case and  fight to save Sarah.


Sebelius Won't Save Sarah

Sebelius Won’t Save Sarah

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