Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey

Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey — With the election safely over and a another six-year term guaranteed, Sen. Pat Toomey has returned to gun grabbing.

Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey
Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey

“Four years ago, 20 young children and six school employees were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School,” the Pennsylvania Republican said in a statement Dec. 14. “It was a terrible day for our country, and meeting some of the families of the victims was one of the most moving moments in my Senate career. These senseless killings also inspired me to work across the aisle on common sense gun safety legislation that upholds the Second Amendment while also making it harder for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to purchase a firearm. I remain committed to this cause and look forward to working with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) again next Congress on our background check proposal.”

OK, let’s be charitable. Maybe he really just wants to stop senseless killings and not take from average citizens the constitutional right to the means to defend themselves from cruel aggressors which is what politicians usually mean when they talk about “sensible” gun regulations.

So here is our suggestion for Sen. Toomey,  a litmus test if you will, for his “common sense” gun safety legislation: Equate gun rights with voting rights.

This means put in your bill that the criminals and mentally ill who should not be allowed to own guns should not be allowed to vote.

We dare you.

Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey

6 thoughts on “Gun Rights Equal Voting Rights, Sen. Toomey”

  1. That’s a great suggestion ,Bill.
    My guess the senator is padding his anti gun cv,in case Trump stumbles badly over the next few years,he’ll have the anti gun crowd on his side.Just saying….

  2. My feeling is that anyone using a gun in a crime should be given a 20-year mandatory prison sentence. that’ll cut down on violent gun crimes.
    I also think we should we should have harsh punishment for those committing vote fraud.

    1. What about those wrongly convicted for self defense by over zealous prosecutors? It happened to me. It can happen to you. I had no priors and I’ve had none since. 20 months was better than 20 years.

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