Pa. House Passes Barrar’s Amendment To Defund ACORN

What a difference three weeks makes.

The State House, Oct. 7, passed an amendment proposed by Steve Barrar (R-160) to prohibit state money from going to any non-profit organization that

  • are under indictment for violating any federal or state campaign finance or election law, including voter fraud.
  • fail to comply with federal or state lobbying requirements.
  • file a fraudulent form with any state or federal agency.
  • are the subject of a cease and desist order or any order from the
    Department of State to prohibit the solicitation of contributions.

In other words ACORN.

The vote was 157 to 42.

On Sept. 17, an almost similar amendment by Barrar failed on an almost perfectly partisan 102-94 vote with the Democrats, of course, being the ones trying to protect the discredited organization.

Barrar says that he will continue to advocate the passage of House
Resolution 426, which would institute a formal request by the House of
Representatives for the state attorney general to investigate
ACORN. His office has also sent a letter to the attorney general’s
office to request an investigation, and he is awaiting a response.

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