Lentz, Vitali Protecting ACORN

Lentz, Vitali Protecting ACORN — Among the 102 Democrats who think it acceptable to give tax money to partisan groups were Delaware County’s own Bryan Lentz (161) and Greg Vital (166). They were among the partisan mob voting against a motion by Steve Barrar (R-160) to amend the state Fiscal Code to prohibit tax money from going to groups that solicit campaign contributions, endorse or oppose candidates and conduct partisan voter registration drives.

While the motion was directed at ACORN, it obviously would have applied to any group

There were 94 members — all Republicans — voting for the measure.

Jack Potter from the office of State Rep. Seth Grove (R-196) has said that
ACORN has received $200,000 in state grants since 2007.

One thought on “Lentz, Vitali Protecting ACORN”

  1. Steve Barrar is really growing into a true people’s legislator. Greg Vitali, who at one time probably had the highest standards in the legislature, is growing out of the job and hopefully we can make Lentz a one-term elected official. Pennsylvania Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. I was one once. I’m glad I left.

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