Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

The Delaware County (Pa.) Democrats have picked Chester City’s former director of ACORN  as one of its candidates for County Council, and the GOP is shouting it loud and proud, albeit the woman in question not necessarily so. Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

It was most recently noted at tonight’s, Sept. 18, meeting of the Springfield Republicans by party Chairman Mike Puppio

Patricia Worrell has not been referring to that bit of her life in either her campaign literature or public statements. She has also not been boasting about her job with Action United, which succeeded ACORN after it was implicated in shameless vote fraud.

Chester, it should be noted, was one of the places where ACORN was caught tilting the scales.

Ms. Worrell is running — here’s  a bit of irony — with Bill Clinton, albeit this one is an Upper Providence Councilman and has never been accused of raping anyone in an Arkansas hotel, albeit he has been a strong supporter of tax hikes in his township, according to Puppio.

Their opponents are incumbents Mario Civera Jr. and David J. White, who are basing their campaign on their record of saving the Delaware River refineries and keeping the county pension plan solvent which is actually a pretty significant achievement considering what has been going on in the rest of the state.

Puppio noted tonight that apart from the natural gas counties, Delco has the best employment record in the state.

Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

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