Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported — There is much misreported as the establishment propaganda mockingbirds demonize Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old lifeguard who shot three killing two in self defense on Aug. 25 during the Kenosha, Wis. riots.

Kyle did not cross state lines to participate in some kind of militia activity. He worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard. He did not bring the rifle across state lines. He was asked by the owner to help protect what was left of a car dealership destroyed by the rioters. He did not do so on his own initiative.

Kyle had brought a first aid kit and was attempting to help injured rioters when he was set upon.

Kyle initially fled. He fired when it appeared he couldn’t escape and his life was in danger.

It’s more and more clear that he shot all in self defense, yet he is charged with numerous crimes including first degree murder.

And, of course, the two he killed had significant records of felonious violence. What are the odds that the only killed would be violent felons if it were a crowd of peaceful protestors seeking fairness and justice?

Here is the statement from his attorney Pierce Bainbridge:

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

What else is being under-reported is Jacob Blake, the martyr /s, whose shooting by police caused the turmoil.

Blake was wanted on felonious sexual assault. He, in July, had allegedly entered the home of a female acquaintance as she slept on her bed with her child. He penetrated her with his finger, sniffed it and accused her of being with other men, all with the child present leaving her humiliated and in tears. He then took her keys to steal her car and left. He returned on Aug. 23 and she called police. He resisted arrest and was shot.

Wear his name on your helmets all you corporate athletes so your dwindling number of fans can see where you stand.

Then say #MeToo.

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

2 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported”

  1. Thank you Mr. Lawrence for keeping the truth out there, if only people could think and read from the peoples media trying to keep law and order out there and our countries safe.

    Our Canadian Lieberals actually take our tax dollars (borrowed money now) and Pay our mainstream media to have their lefty agenda advertising and lies and propaganda forced on us, while demonizing Conservatives and untruthfully misquoting them etc. as our lefty media even attacks your Pres. Trump, while supporting your Democrats, to me this should be illegal.

    The left, one worlders are clearly destroying our countries, our foreign controlled UN and Democrat puppet Lieberals want to have “Colonial Canadians” replaced with the UN’s forced migration and criminals and make us a “post national state”.

    Please, please KEEP Pres. Trump, he also is Canada’s only hope until we can get a real Canadian Government in place again, our puppet government has almost collapsed Canada, and keep lying about what is happening in their bought out press. etc. … Please MAGA, the world needs you strong.

    1. Hi, Nancy. I am so glad you write to keep us up to date on what is happening in Canada. You are warning us about what could happen in our country, but I fear the people who need to read your posts the most are not paying attention.

      I am confident that Trump will win in November, but I do not think the other positions will turn red.

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