Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck

Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck — Evita Duffy-Alfonso of The Federalist recently interviewed a Chicago policeman about the horrors occurring in his city.

Counter-productive gun control and Soros-DA Kim Foxx were cited as reasons for the catastrophe but the unexpected kicker was music executives.

We quote:

One of the main ways I think we can make Chicago safer is to change the music that our children are listening to and try to find a way to stop a lot of these big music organizations and executives from exploiting our children to promote their own destruction. And I say that in regard to rap music or a specific sector, drill music.

So let’s just say you’re part of a gang, and I’m a part of a gang, and we’re both rapping, but we are in opposition to one another. I rap about your group, you rap about mine, but my group comes and kills someone from your side. And then I rap about it. I mock killing your loved one or your best friend, or a person in your gang. You get back on the same song or different song, and now you rap about retaliating — coming to kill someone that means something to me, and it just goes back and forth.

And a lot of these executives, they come into our low-income communities, and they say, ‘Oh, man, this guy got 5,000 or 10,000 likes on his song, let me give him $1,000,000 to rap about that stuff at a bigger level,’ so people around the country can listen.

People celebrating — and committing — murder are getting million dollar paychecks to take things to higher levels.

Neither a city nor a nation can survive with a culture like that. The solution isn’t to ban this, though. It’s to out-shout it. Start by putting the Bible and prayer back in our public schools. Can it honestly hurt anything?

Where are the leaders speaking out against it? How about the church leaders? We sorta suspect they might be more inclined to celebrate this rather than condemn it.

Evita’s story can be found here.

Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck
Murder Music Gets Million Dollar Paycheck

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