Donna Ellingsen Persecution Back

Donna Ellingsen Persecution BackDonna Ellingsen Persecution Back — The persecution of popular Chesco GOP Area 19 Chairwoman Donna Ellingsen has restarted.

Mrs. Ellingsen was subjected to a bizarre purge attempt by allies of County Boss Val DiGirogio  in early 2016 alleging that she violated party bylaws in  supporting a candidate other than the nominated one.

It was thought that her overwhelming re-election in April 2016 and her easy election as area chair in June 2017  put the matter to rest.

Oh well.

Mrs. Ellingsen announced in late December she was running for State Committee. Val’s heart must have been warmed by that bit of Christmas news. In early January, Mrs. E got a letter from the county GOP demanding she appear before a new inquisition on Feb. 19 for something or other. They weren’t exactly clear about what. She is trying to find that out but they aren’t telling her despite repeated requests.

She also got a letter from county voter services — run, certainly coincidently, by Kara Rahn who is wife of Val confident Alex Rahn and previous Area 1 chair– demanding all spending receipts going back to 2014.

Donna notes that she has chaired her area since 2017 but is not the treasurer who is responsible for record keeping and financial filings. She was nevertheless told by Chesco Voter Services not to destroy the records she doesn’t have.

Donna further notes that she will run for the Republican State Committee post whether the party establishment endorses her or not. Obviously Val wants her out. The well-connected operator won his promotion to state GOP Chairman by just two votes a year ago.

For the record, Donna happily endorses Sheriff Bunny Welsh for state committee and points out that she couldn’t run against her if she wanted to as Donna is in Republican State Committee Region 2 and Bunny is in Region 3. Rumors had been spread — who could have done that Val? — that Donna was taking on the popular sheriff.

We find it interesting, remarkable actually, that Val DiGiorgio, who still chairs the Chesco GOP despite his new state duties, has time to again attempt to remove the active Mrs. Ellingsen from party involvement especially considering how under DiGiorgio’s helmsmanship the Republicans managed to lose every Chesco row office race in November and despite the horrible election results the Republicans had statewide.
Donna Ellingsen Persecution Back

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco — Donna Ellingsen, the Elks Township committeewoman who was the subject of a bizarre purge attempt by the Chester County Republican establishment in early 2016, was overwhelming elected to lead the county’s Area 19.

The vote taken, June 8, was 11-4.

“A political party is merely a means to providing honest, responsive government,” said Ms. Ellingsen. “It is not as an end to itself and it is especially not a means to a well-paying  job.”

Committee seats and area chairs are non-paying positions.

Ms. Ellingsen’s victory can be seen as strong rebuke to Val DiGiorgio who remains county party chairman, despite his unexpectedly narrow victory in the race to become state chairman.

The Chesco GOP divides the county into 28 areas. Area chairs are basically responsible for managing the campaigns within their area. They are authorized to call special meetings and required to attend all meetings of the Republican County Executive Committee where they “shall at all times state the opinions, polices and positions” of their area committee.

Area 19 consists of Elk Township, East Nottingham, West Nottingham, Oxford Borough East and West, Lower Oxford East and West, and Upper Oxford Townships im Southern Chesco.

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon, Comcast

Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon, Comcast — Mike Turzai, the speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is rumored to be interested in taking on incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf next year.

Turzai, who represents the Allegheny County-based 28th District, has received $22,500 from Comcast, which is legendary for its political cronyism.

He also received $20,000 from everyone’s favorite puppet master Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young. When you have had the state attorney general and the state GOP chairman, the governor’s office is just icing on the cake.

He also got $10,000 from the Chester County Republican Committee. Why back a guy from Pittsburgh, Val, especially at this point in the race? One hand washes the other it seems.

Here is a list of Turzai’s donations.

Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon, Comcast

Turzai Donors Include Stradley Ronon

Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence

Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence — Former Congressman Chaka Fattah was bestowed with a 10-year sentence for corrupt hackdom a.k.a traditional Pennsylvania politics.

Fattah, a Democrat, represented from 1995 until June 23 Pennsylvania’s 2nd District. This consists of large swaths of Philly along with Lower Merion in Montco.

U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III called Fattah actions “astonishing” which frankly deserves an LOL. Still, the sentence he passed  might be the longest ever imposed on a member of Congress for federal corruption crimes so kudos for being astonished.

Fattah got a $174,000 congressional salary and associated perks, along with his bribes.

Sentenced with Fattah was Herbert Vederman, who got two-years for offering bribes. Vederman  was a senior consultant at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, a Philadelphia law firm.

Josh Shapiro (Democrat), the political boss of Montgomery County and Pennsylvania’s next attorney general, is counsel at Stradley Ronon. Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence -- Former Congressman Chaka Fattah was bestowed with a 10-year sentence bestowed up for various bits

Val DiGiorgio (Republican), the political boss of Chester County and among the leading candidates for chairman of the state Republican Party, runs Stradley Ronon’s banking and public finance sections. He includes Government and Public Affairs as part of his “focus”.

No matter how many 10-year sentences our hacks get, Pennsylvania will never be clean until places like Stradley Ronon are sent to the dustbin.

Chaka Fattah Gets 10 Year Sentence



Val DiGiorgio Chairman Quest Takes Flak

Val DiGiorgio Chairman Quest Takes FlakVal DiGiorgio Chairman Quest Takes Flak — Chester County GOP boss Val DiGiorgio’s is getting flak over his plan to take over the chairmanship of the state party. A story by managing editor Nick Field on Val’s quest notes that ChesCo is one of the few areas in Pennsylvania where Republicans are losing ground.

Comments note that his wife works for Montgomery County Democrat boss and (our next attorney general) Josh Shapiro and question  his rather strange candidate choices.

Val DiGiorgio Chairman Quest Takes Flak

Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco

Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco
Chesco Disaster

Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco — Chester County GOP boss Val DiGiorgio is reputedly next in line as state party chairman. Hopefully, his fellow Republicans consider Chesco’s performance Nov. 8 before making it official.

Donald Trump lost the county, which Mitt Romney won in 2012, by 25,000 votes. The party pointedly avoided backing Trump.

Congressional candidate and Lloyd Smucker lost the conservative part of the county that is part of the 16th congressional district by more than 4,000 votes. Smucker was not supported by the GOP activists there whom DiGiorgio had alienated.

While Smucker’s margin in Lancaster County was more than enough to carry him to victory, that he lost an area he should have won big speaks ill of those running things.

John Rafferty, whose 44th Senate District includes much of Chester County, won the county by but 50 votes out of 267,000 cast in his failed bid for state Attorney General. Could DiGiorgio’s ties to the Democrat winner have caused him to put forth less of an effort than he should?

One can only speculate.

Dan Truitt won re-election to his 156th District State House seat by less than 80 votes in a strong Republican year. (UPDATE: He lost by 25 votes. Way to go Val.) Jack London lost the 19th District state senate seat, despite much pre-election braggadocio by DiGiorgio, and spending huge amounts of resources.

DiGiorgio has  picked puzzling fights with many of the county’s most staunch Republicans causing what appears to be permanent divisions. The only motive we can figure is to avoid scrutiny by those most concerned about good government to maximize patronage opportunities.

He will be a disaster for the party if he becomes state chairman.

Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco

Richard Ireland Backed Chesco Purge Attempt

Richard Ireland Backed Chesco Purge Attempt — Rob McCord was Pennsylvania’s treasurer when his political career ignominiously ended Jan. 30, 2015 upon pleading guilty to federal extortion charges. He is a Democrat.

Chester County businessman Richard W. Ireland is implicated as his money man. Ireland, 79, was charged in July with federal bribery charges. Ireland is a Republican.

The feds say Ireland used straw charities to shovel more than a half-million dollars to McCord starting in 2009 when McCord ran for state treasurer. This money includes contributions for McCord’s failed gubernatorial bid in 2014. In return, the feds say, McCord invested state funds with Ireland’s clients for which Ireland got a finders fee. These finders fees ultimately netted Ireland $10 million say the feds.

Wouldn’t it have been better if the $10 million stayed with the state?

Ireland is the founder of Valley Forge Asset Management Corp. and remains closely associated with it.

Ireland is also a major donor to Republicans but doesn’t use straw men to spread that loot.

Of course, the Republicans have to be the right type of Republicans.

In 2014, according to the state’s CampaignFinanceOnline, Ireland kicked in $2,500 to the United Republicans of Chester County while his son Jonathan threw in $5,0o0 to Pa Future Fund. These were the groups that funded the attempt to purge from the party those more interested in serving the community than playing ball.

Corruption is the scourge that afflicts this nation’s citizens and makes us poorer. It’s why public projects cost 20 percent more than they should. It’s why there are retired public employees with $477,591 public pensions.

Richard Ireland Backed Chesco Purge AttemptA Democrat-affiliated website has created a flow chart showing how the money is funneled from Ireland et al to hack Republican Congressman Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania’s 6th District. The money is obviously not “free”.

Our suggestion for Tuesday  has been “just vote R“. Maybe those in the 6th District should make an exception. A black eye for Chesco GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio might keep him from being the next state party chairman.

In Delco, though we are voting straight R. We want Trump, we want Toomey and we want Alex Charlton.  John Rafferty is running in the attorney general race against Josh Shaprio who is Val’s buddy which makes that an easy call.

And we can tolerate Pat Meehan at least for another couple of years.

Richard Ireland Backed Chesco Purge Attempt





Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico

Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico — The cronyist website Politico has a pompous bit of punditry concerning Chester County, Pa. and how Donald Trump is doomed, doomed, doomed because cronyist Republican Congressman Ryan Costello represents much of it.

Costello votes for big government about 70 percent of the time.

And of course he’s tight with county GOP Chairman Val DiGirogio, who is desperately seeking to become state boss, and, by extension, Montco Dem Boss Josh Shapiro who is this year’s D candidate for state attorney general.

Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico
Ask him to defend $400 G public pensions. We dare you.

If anti-cronyists learn to start thinking strategically they might start winning. There are certain Democrats with whom they might be wise to start a dialogue. If the party powers get wind that voters (and activists) whom they have taken for granted are negotiating with the other side — and the other side becomes aware that they might be willing to back them with a little give and take — guys like Costello might behave a little better when legislating.

It should be remembered that DiGirogio is more than happy to work with Dems as is Costello, obviously.

What Costello, and DiGirogio and Shapiro have in common is that self-interest is paramount. What conservative activists might find they have in common with some Dems is that the public good comes first although they may have different ways of achieving this shared goal.

Really, ask DiGirogio — or Shapiro — to defend having working people cover $400,000 public pensions. What proves the point is that they will.

Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico

Stradley Ronon Connections

Stradley Ronon Connections — Chaka Fattah has done his part to uphold the sterling reputation of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation and the state’s 2nd Congressional District is now vacant with his resignation stemming from his convictions of RICO Act violations and other crimes.

Among those found guilty with him was Herbert Vederman, a long-time Democrat man of influence who is still listed at as senior consultant for the Government and Public Affairs Group at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, a Philadelphia law firm.

Stradley Ronon Connections
Val DiGiorgio

Think he knew Val DiGiorgio? Val is the Chester County Republican Party chairman who chairs Stradley Ronon’s banking and public finance sections and includes Government and Public Affairs as part of his “focus”.

Val is thought to have the inside track to be the next chairman of the state Republican Party.

Stradley Ronon Connections
Josh Shapiro

Wonder if Vederman knew Josh Shapiro. Josh, who chairs the Montgomery County Democrat Party, is counsel at Stradley Ronon. He is this year’s D candidate for state Attorney General.

Josh and Val are friends. Josh got Val’s wife a $105,000 a year job with Montgomery County.

Stradley Ronon sure has a lot of interesting connections.

You really think these people are looking out for you? You really think anybody in the leadership of either party gives a rat’s tail about you?

Stradley Ronon Connections


Donna Ellingsen Thank You

Donna Ellingsen Thank You — Donna Ellingsen, the independent-thinking Chester County committeewoman who the party powers tried to remove this winter, overwhelmingly won re-election to her post on April 26.

She has sent out the below heart-felt thank you to her many supporters.Donna Ellingsen Thank You

 Dear Neighbors and Friends,

In last Tuesday’s Primary Election, I was re-elected as Republican Committeewoman in Elk township by a vote of 195 to 119 votes.  Here is the unofficial report.

I had the distinction of being the only Committee person in Southern Chester County to have a challenger run against me.  Nevertheless, with your help, I easily won re-election to the Republican Committeewoman spot.  Even though I was personally unable to visit everyone as usual this time, voter turnout in Elk Twp was the highest in all of our Area 19 at an unprecedented 61.9% of all registered township Republicans.  

Thank you to all those who came out to vote, inquired about the state of affairs with the GOP HQ, and offered help in whatever is needed. Your prayers and support are a blessing to me.

Donna Ellingsen

P.S.:  In case you missed it here are the links to:

  • My most recent April 12th radio interview; starting at the 1:01 mark
  • Copy of the letter received from GOP outlining their terms of the special hearing, apparently held without our participation
  • Related items on
Donna Ellingsen Thank You
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