Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco — Donna Ellingsen, the Elks Township committeewoman who was the subject of a bizarre purge attempt by the Chester County Republican establishment in early 2016, was overwhelming elected to lead the county’s Area 19.

The vote taken, June 8, was 11-4.

“A political party is merely a means to providing honest, responsive government,” said Ms. Ellingsen. “It is not as an end to itself and it is especially not a means to a well-paying  job.”

Committee seats and area chairs are non-paying positions.

Ms. Ellingsen’s victory can be seen as strong rebuke to Val DiGiorgio who remains county party chairman, despite his unexpectedly narrow victory in the race to become state chairman.

The Chesco GOP divides the county into 28 areas. Area chairs are basically responsible for managing the campaigns within their area. They are authorized to call special meetings and required to attend all meetings of the Republican County Executive Committee where they “shall at all times state the opinions, polices and positions” of their area committee.

Area 19 consists of Elk Township, East Nottingham, West Nottingham, Oxford Borough East and West, Lower Oxford East and West, and Upper Oxford Townships im Southern Chesco.

Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco

8 thoughts on “Donna Ellingsen Elected Area Chair In Chesco”

  1. Outstanding Donna Ellingsen is the best; smart, informed and a very hard worker.

    1. “Ms. Ellingsen’s victory can be seen as strong rebuke to Val DiGiorgio”

      ….. hahahahahahaha If only people realized how Donna is perceived even within her own Area committee.

  2. “bizarre purge attempt” ??

    Donna violated the bylaws and numerous individuals lodged claims against her…

    Your column is laughable, Bill. You don’t even report facts, just half truths that fit your obsessive agenda – you’re worse than MSNBC.

    1. LOL. Real scandal. You’d almost think she hired a Democrat to run voter services or got Josh Shapiro to give her husband a job in Montgomery County or something.

      That sort of thing would be grounds for a purge attempt dontcha think?

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