Chesco Nixes Lloyd Smucker

Chesco Nixes Lloyd Smucker  — Lloyd Smucker, the state senator from Lancaster with the surprisingly liberal voting record for the 13th District that he represents, is the man GOP party bosses are trying to anoint to fill the seat of retiring Congressman Joe Pitts. Chesco Nixes Lloyd Smucker

Pitts has represented Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District since winning the 1996 election.  The 16th District consists of most of Lancaster County, along with a chunk of Chester County and a small bit of Berks County.

While the Lancaster Republican committee contingent have given him the green light, 70 percent of those in Chester County  went for Chet Beiler, a Lancaster County businessman without connections to the special interests who pluck feathers from the public goose.

Val DiGiorgio, the lobbyist who chairs the Chester County Republican Committee, did not go to bat for his people. In fact, is reporting that the Chesco Party will officially back Smucker.

And that is just one more reason why there is dissension in the ranks.

Question: How will Val strong arm the 70 percent who voted for Beiler to now support Smucker? What tricks will be played by Val at Thursday’s endorsement vote to uphold his promise to his fellow bosses?

Chesco Nixes Lloyd Smucker




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  1. Val DiGiorgio on Thursday January 21st, remarked on how great it was to be in Chester County where the committeepeople are allowed to choose and endorse their own candidates unlike where he came from in South Philly……..

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