Donna Ellingsen Thank You

Donna Ellingsen Thank You — Donna Ellingsen, the independent-thinking Chester County committeewoman who the party powers tried to remove this winter, overwhelmingly won re-election to her post on April 26.

She has sent out the below heart-felt thank you to her many supporters.Donna Ellingsen Thank You

 Dear Neighbors and Friends,

In last Tuesday’s Primary Election, I was re-elected as Republican Committeewoman in Elk township by a vote of 195 to 119 votes.  Here is the unofficial report.

I had the distinction of being the only Committee person in Southern Chester County to have a challenger run against me.  Nevertheless, with your help, I easily won re-election to the Republican Committeewoman spot.  Even though I was personally unable to visit everyone as usual this time, voter turnout in Elk Twp was the highest in all of our Area 19 at an unprecedented 61.9% of all registered township Republicans.  

Thank you to all those who came out to vote, inquired about the state of affairs with the GOP HQ, and offered help in whatever is needed. Your prayers and support are a blessing to me.

Donna Ellingsen

P.S.:  In case you missed it here are the links to:

  • My most recent April 12th radio interview; starting at the 1:01 mark
  • Copy of the letter received from GOP outlining their terms of the special hearing, apparently held without our participation
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Donna Ellingsen Thank You

7 thoughts on “Donna Ellingsen Thank You”

  1. You wonder why the Republican Party is in the shape it is in here in PA. This story says it all. The time wasted by the establishment persecuting a person who is not paid but does a first-rate job –just look at the turnout in her precinct. The establishment would rather fight with good conservative, Constitution lovers than Democrats.

  2. I doubt the party is going to change their way of doing things. Or give up on trying to get rid of grassroots conservatives!

  3. Sometimes the good Gus/gals win, and this is one of those times. So proud of Donna and all the good work she is doing in PA. Thank you for standing strong for conservative values and principles. You give real meaning to the word #Sentinel.

  4. Congrats Donna, you deserved it. The RNC leadership are the ones that need to go. Maybe……

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