Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco

Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco
Chesco Disaster

Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco — Chester County GOP boss Val DiGiorgio is reputedly next in line as state party chairman. Hopefully, his fellow Republicans consider Chesco’s performance Nov. 8 before making it official.

Donald Trump lost the county, which Mitt Romney won in 2012, by 25,000 votes. The party pointedly avoided backing Trump.

Congressional candidate and Lloyd Smucker lost the conservative part of the county that is part of the 16th congressional district by more than 4,000 votes. Smucker was not supported by the GOP activists there whom DiGiorgio had alienated.

While Smucker’s margin in Lancaster County was more than enough to carry him to victory, that he lost an area he should have won big speaks ill of those running things.

John Rafferty, whose 44th Senate District includes much of Chester County, won the county by but 50 votes out of 267,000 cast in his failed bid for state Attorney General. Could DiGiorgio’s ties to the Democrat winner have caused him to put forth less of an effort than he should?

One can only speculate.

Dan Truitt won re-election to his 156th District State House seat by less than 80 votes in a strong Republican year. (UPDATE: He lost by 25 votes. Way to go Val.) Jack London lost the 19th District state senate seat, despite much pre-election braggadocio by DiGiorgio, and spending huge amounts of resources.

DiGiorgio has  picked puzzling fights with many of the county’s most staunch Republicans causing what appears to be permanent divisions. The only motive we can figure is to avoid scrutiny by those most concerned about good government to maximize patronage opportunities.

He will be a disaster for the party if he becomes state chairman.

Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco

11 thoughts on “Val DiGiorgio Fails GOP In Chesco”

  1. Failure is an option for the “Republican” Party of PA. Don’t make any mistake about it, Trump and Toomey won in spite of the Party. Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated came out to reject the Establishment and the status quo that Val DiGiorgio and his ilk are as much a part of as Hillary Clinton and Katie McGinty (the ninth of ten children, just so you know).

    You are completely correct, the Chesco party made sure to steer clear of Trump — not even including any Trump lit in door hangers (I checked, it was not just me and my neighbors who did not get any). Trump did much worse in Chesco than he did in historically Democratic (Scranton), with its huge Democratic registration advantage. And Trump crushed Clinton in Luzerne County, another historically Democratic County with an almost two to one Democrat registration advantage. Trump ran as much as six to one ahead of Clinton in some counties and that enabled him to make up the massive deficits from Philadelphia, Chesco and just a few others. As a matter of fact, Trump’s percentage loss in Chester County was surpassed only in Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Allegheny County.

    For that matter, Toomey’s lit also somehow didn’t make it. I guess they had to leave plenty of room for the RINO, backbencher, politicians for life that they support.

    Of course, you wouldn’t know any of what Bill Lawrence points out if you read the drivel that the Chesco Republicans put out. In their universe, LTCOL Custer had a big win at Little Big Horn.

      1. I remember when Teddy Rubino was chairman of the Chesco Republicans. He went to jail. He might have died there.

  2. Montgomery County is worse! The Montgomery and Pa. Republicans don’t win because they stand for nothing and therefore fall for everything. Drain the Swamp!

    Pat Meheen (RINO) ran from Trump – Keep that in mind too – he is our new Arlene Spector

  3. They do this all the time: give lip-service to the candidates but in reality put road-blocks behind the scenes against the candidates they don’t truly support. It was rumored that London was never going to win, but that DiGiorgio had to put up a “fight” against the entrenched Democrat he supports. And Smucker is a so-called “moderate” (read = Liberal) Republican, whose performance in the PA Senate should have led any sane conservative to oppose him. He’s just the type of RINO along with Ryan Costello and Pat Meehan who are bringing the party down by consistently voting against conservative Republican issues. DRAIN THE SWAMP!

    1. big fan of that kid, came to my door. what happened to him? did they dump him in the schuylkill for having a brain?

  4. It is symptomatic. Go back a little in history Tom Smith versus our great Democrat Senator. I did door to doors and no Smith literature. The establishment RNC operatives didn’t want Smith they back a RINO in the primary. Vals boss in Harrisburg Gleeson /Asher dynamic duo, actually stated the “there are a lot of people out here that feel they can work with” ole Bob Casey Junior. Junior voted with Obama like 95% of the time. The RNC would rather back a neo-communist than back a real Conservative. In Delco the RNC backed a union “Dem” lawyer over a TEA party backed Conservative. The RNC in PA is very corrupt and not in any way pressing Conservative values.

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