Val Facing Insurgency In Chesco?

Val Facing Insurgency?
He couldn’t even make the trains run on time.

Val Facing Insurgency In Chesco? — Our article  on Election Night pinned the blame on Pennsylvania’s poor showing squarely on the tail of state GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio.

We also blamed DiGiorgio for singlehandedly destroying the once-powerful Chester County Republican Party, which he still insists on chairing.

DiGiorgio is a partner with Stradley Ronon, a Philadelphia-based firm whose purpose  is to influence politics for its clients who pay high fees.

This was known before he became state GOP chairman. We certainly warned about it. 

There were just enough Republican State committeepeople, however,  who live in the land of unicorns to back him.  He beat the respected and honorable Lawrence Tabas to win state chairman by two votes in 2017.

Yes, there really was a majority of Republican Party animals who though Val was not going to put the interests of Stradley Ronon ahead of theirs much less that of the average citizen.

Regarding his county post, we suggested on Nov. 12 that Donna Ellingsen, who chairs Area 19 and has been the subject of DiGiorgio’s wrath for the last three years due to principle opposition to his party-poisonous policies, replace him. The suggestion seems to be taking root considering some of our feedback. Donna’s not the only one being bandied as a replacement. John Emmons, who chairs Area 28, has been suggested and there are others.

May the replacement come quickly for the sake of the Chesco Republicans.

Hopefully, some are pushing him to step down from his state job as well.

Val Facing Insurgency?




2 thoughts on “Val Facing Insurgency In Chesco?”

  1. I certainly hope that he steps down from BOTH positions. The “proof is in the pudding…” Republicans have done worse in Chester County under his “leadership.” Also, as you have previously pointed out so aptly Bill, Casey SHOULD have been defeated by the Republican’s outstanding senatorial candidate, Lou Barletta, but the race unfortunately wasn’t even close. The Republicans FAILED miserably in getting Barletta’s name, positions, and accomplishments out to the populace, and the buck stops at the top — i.e., Digiorgio. He should leave or be ousted before he does the same damage in the 2020 election. The Republicans in PA must replace Digiorgio with a fresh face — one who is more diligent, more competent, and more committed to working tirelessly against the progressive encroachments in PA.

    BTW, a recent article ( might be of interest to those who read this blog.

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