Kara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top Job

Kara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top JobKara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top JobCorrection. We incorrectly reported Kara Rahn’s salary in the initial story. It is not $82,000 but $86,470.

Kara Rahn, wife of Area 1 GOP Committee Chairman Alex Rahn, has officially made head of Chester County Voter Services.

Her salary is $86,470.

Kara has been a significant donor to liberal Democrats in past elections.

In other Chesco news, the county GOP will not make an endorsement in the 16th District congressional primary to replace Joe Pitts. It is giving recommendations to both candidates seeking the job — 13th District State Sen. Lloyd Schmucker and Lancaster County businessman Chet Beiler.

Kara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top Job

4 thoughts on “Kara Rahn Gets Voter Services Top Job”

  1. So the “Republicans” running Chester County put her in a $82,000.00 government job that also must have health and pension benefits galore. But she gives big money to liberals Dems. Sounds a little strange. But then again, the Democrats gave the wife of the Chester County Republican chief a $105,000.00 government job. I am starting to see a pattern here.

    1. Oh, one other thing, the “Republicans” running Chester County put her in a job where she runs the elections and has access to all the data.

  2. I don’t know how the GOP or any of its people, could possibly support liberal Dems in any way, shape, or form! What in the world is going on in the GOP…. they are going to lose all their republican support and votes if they don’t return to their roots!

    1. Rob c. , The answer is they just don’t care, as long as they get their slice of the pie. Follow The Money!

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