Donna Ellingsen Persecution Back

Donna Ellingsen Persecution BackDonna Ellingsen Persecution Back — The persecution of popular Chesco GOP Area 19 Chairwoman Donna Ellingsen has restarted.

Mrs. Ellingsen was subjected to a bizarre purge attempt by allies of County Boss Val DiGirogio  in early 2016 alleging that she violated party bylaws in  supporting a candidate other than the nominated one.

It was thought that her overwhelming re-election in April 2016 and her easy election as area chair in June 2017  put the matter to rest.

Oh well.

Mrs. Ellingsen announced in late December she was running for State Committee. Val’s heart must have been warmed by that bit of Christmas news. In early January, Mrs. E got a letter from the county GOP demanding she appear before a new inquisition on Feb. 19 for something or other. They weren’t exactly clear about what. She is trying to find that out but they aren’t telling her despite repeated requests.

She also got a letter from county voter services — run, certainly coincidently, by Kara Rahn who is wife of Val confident Alex Rahn and previous Area 1 chair– demanding all spending receipts going back to 2014.

Donna notes that she has chaired her area since 2017 but is not the treasurer who is responsible for record keeping and financial filings. She was nevertheless told by Chesco Voter Services not to destroy the records she doesn’t have.

Donna further notes that she will run for the Republican State Committee post whether the party establishment endorses her or not. Obviously Val wants her out. The well-connected operator won his promotion to state GOP Chairman by just two votes a year ago.

For the record, Donna happily endorses Sheriff Bunny Welsh for state committee and points out that she couldn’t run against her if she wanted to as Donna is in Republican State Committee Region 2 and Bunny is in Region 3. Rumors had been spread — who could have done that Val? — that Donna was taking on the popular sheriff.

We find it interesting, remarkable actually, that Val DiGiorgio, who still chairs the Chesco GOP despite his new state duties, has time to again attempt to remove the active Mrs. Ellingsen from party involvement especially considering how under DiGiorgio’s helmsmanship the Republicans managed to lose every Chesco row office race in November and despite the horrible election results the Republicans had statewide.
Donna Ellingsen Persecution Back

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  1. Bill,
    Perhaps the very reason for this witch hunt is that Mr. DiGiorgio has had such stunning failure in the past year. Going after Ms. Ellingsen changes the subject and gives him what he wants: a “fall guy” for the string of disasters he has presided over (of course in addition to the President, one can be sure that Mr. DiGiorgio has a wonderful narrative that it is all Donald Trump’s fault and not because of the pitiful clubhouse cronies that are pushed as candidates).

    Good luck to Ms. Ellingsen on her run for state committee. We need independent, conservative voices if we are ever to take back our party.

  2. Republican Party leadership in Pennsylvania, as it currently exists, has repeatedly shown–through its stunning record of failure after failure–that it is out of step with its own base, much less capable of attracting new voters. Perhaps if it could perge itself of its dictatorial cadre of leaders who are more interested in foisting their own ambitions on voters via unqualified Party syncophants masquerading as candidates, voters might actually WIN something? Ms. Ellingsen is just what the PA Republican Party needs, an independent, highly qualified and intelligent committeewoman who works for the PEOPLE. No wonder Little Val might be running scared…watch out though, Ms. E., some people play dirty.

  3. Here we go again. Bill and Donna twisting the facts. Make sure you get the Chester County press this week. Fact based and DOCUMENTED. I brought the complaint against Ellingson and have requested the audit. The best is yet to come. Wake up people another diversion from the facts by Bill and Donna.

    1. Chesco watcher who ever you are, are you ashamed to use your name. read the paper this week and you will see who is the tool.

    1. you guys just keep drinking the girls kool aid, someday you might wake up chocking. Gutless chesco watcher. Must be ashamed of your name or just a coward hiding in the dark.

    1. Bill, it is the illegal activity and corruption of your so called independent thinkers that intimidate me. As far as Val goes He is the problem and has empowered the local corruption that plagues us. Anytime t you would like to sit down and discus the issues I would be more then happy to. Or you can just keep putting out misinformation to your bloggers.

  4. Rick, how about you lay out the “facts” as you see them right here and now?
    I will post my name so as you don’t seek to dismiss me with an ad hominem attack(as if someone choosing online anonymity makes them “gutless”).
    So, please provide your facts and the proof to back them up.
    What is your relationship to Val DiGiorgio?

    1. Mr. Badolato, send me an email at entcohg@gmail .com and I will send you the article that will appear in the local news paper this week. It spells out some of the issues. As far as my relationship with Val DiGiorgio I have never met the man, don’t want to meet him, and believe that he is part of the problem. The kool aid drinkers on this blog would like you to think we are working with him to divert from the real issues. Val and his minions from the RCCC threaten to sue me a few years ago and there is no love loss. Our fight is with local political corruption and is elevating to the county.
      My Name
      Rick Orner/ Not ashamed to say it

  5. Donna Ellingsen is a woman with ethics. She boasts morality, integrity, and principle.

    Something Val has no idea as to what these wonderful attributes are. He wants a puppet!

  6. Why are you asking someone else to post your information? Are you concerned with the repercussions of posting it yourself?
    If it is the truth, post it for all to see.
    I don’t afford your words any more credibility than others posted here. You have made the claims in a public setting and I believe it is up to you to back them up in an equally public manner.
    That being said, thank you for responding to me about Val and I look forward to reading what you post in regards to proving your allegations.

  7. Rick,
    I am still waiting for the requested information. Are you afraid of posting it here? Don’t be a coward…don’t hide behind your computer screen. Post the info for all to see and judge. It’s not up to someone else to post your “proof.”
    I see in CCP that you are “known as a local government watchdog.”(3/28/17) Is that your view of yourself? I ask because I have lived here in Elk Township for coming on 16 years now and I have never heard of you.
    My impression of the article from CCP(date referenced above) is that you just like to stir up trouble and seem much more concerned with the crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s than you are of substance. As a LEO, I worked with officers like that and found them to be somewhat insufferable. I admit that I could be entirely wrong…but, that is my initial read based on the article and your unwillingness to post the requested information.

  8. Mr. Orner, I always consider motive and credibility when a person is making accusations. So, I will just come out and ask the questions.
    I have noticed that those that speak out most frequently against government have an ax to grind. More often than not it is due to their history of criminal activity.
    Mr. Orner, do you have any such activity in your past that could lead one to question the veracity of your claims? Have you ever plead guilty to a crime or been convicted of criminal activity? Have you spent any time in jail/prison? If the answer is “yes” can you explain what led to your plea or conviction(s)?

  9. Rick Orner, if you filed the complaint and have an advanced copy of the article, please share.

  10. So, Rick comes here and makes allegations without providing a shred of proof. When he is called to produce it, he slinks away.
    That says a lot about his intentions.
    I suspect he didn’t want to answer the questions above regarding his motives and past criminal record.

    1. Mr. Batolata, sorry for the delay I had to work s double shift. As far as the facts get the chester county press. The facts are there. As far as your personal attack how about I stop by your house on elk mills road and we can get up close and personal to discuss. Let me know what time?

      1. Rick,
        A threat. Not a surprise. If you want to stop by, feel free. I have spent a lifetime having up close and personal discussions with folks.

      2. FYI, when I do a search on the CCP website with you name, the most recent story that comes up is from almost 1 year ago.

        1. Not a treat. If you would like to talk I am willing face to face. Search entcohg on the web. There is a long history on what has been going on. Including a 2.5 million dollar scam we exposed. Or you csn just sit back and be Donna’s tool.

          1. Rick,
            First off, a career spent as a LEO has made me pretty aware of what is and what is not a threat…and how to deal with them.
            If you read back through the postings, you became very belligerent towards one person simply because they chose to remain anonymous. Given the nature of your reply to me, if they know you, I certainly can understand their wishing to not get on your radar.
            You then take my conclusions as an insult, which is your right to do, and issue a threat.
            I don’t have any allegiance to any person or group that is involved in this matter. Heck, I am still trying to figure out what the issue is. It appeared by your postings that you have new information and inasmuch, I simply am unable to locate it on the CCP site or through a general internet search. If this is all old material, I am wondering why it is surfacing at this time.
            I would have a HUGE issue with anyone running a scam that cost me even $1(let alone cost this area $2.5 million) so don’t be so sure of yourself when it comes to my being a “tool.”

          2. Then lets talk, I will provide you with the facts and documintation. In cluding how this group is involved in rigging paid township positions and falsifying public records. And plenty more. If you are involved in LEO, then you should want to see the facts.

  11. Mr. Orner, you never answered the question: do you have any such activity in your past that could lead one to question the veracity of your claims?

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