DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman — Val DiGiorgo stepped down as Chester County Republican Party Chairman on Dec. 7 but remains the head of the State GOP.

By Jane Taylor Toal

Former Congressman, Chaka Fattah, received a 10-year sentence for federal corruption in the 2nd District of Philadelphia, which is traditionally supported by the PA GOP, and was convicted of the VICO Act violations and other related crimes, which hosts a 2-year sentence. Also receiving this sentence was Herbert Vederman. Mr. Vederman was a Senior Consultant for the government and public affairs group, Stradley, Ronan, Stevens, and Young, LLC, a Philadelphia based law firm.

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman
Val DiGiorgio

Valentino F. DiGiorgio III chaired the banking and public finance sections, while being a partner. Government and public affairs were considered part of his “focus.” The PA GOP Chairman is currently employed at said firm. Pennsylvania Attorney General Joshua Shapiro (D) was counsel at the firm. Mr. Shapiro obtained employment for Mr. DiGiorgio’s wife in Montgomery County, consisting of a 6-figure income. The Attorney General still practices general corporate work, real estate, and regulatory compliance with the LLC. Firms such as these in our great Commonwealth should be shut down.

The Chair was elected to this position at the Republican Convention on February 4, 2017, in Hershey.

A close friend has a long history of supporting big government causes in Chester County. Alex Rahn is reputed to be the brains behind a shadow group named United Republicans of Chester County, has tried unsuccessfully to remove committee people from Elk and East Nottingham Townships. Mr. Rahn directed activities for the late Senator Arlen Specter, who represented both the Republican and Democrat political parties in 2003/2004. Can we say “collusion?”

Flash forward to the 2018 gubernatorial race, the PA GOP Chair accepted monies for the support and endorsement of the flawed and publicly violent candidate, Scott Wagner. Six State Committee members wrote a letter of disgust stating that they were lied to and deceived by Mr. DiGiorgio, their party boss. They referenced facts pertaining to said candidate which were held from them and they found these to be vile and did not want to be included in this support. A separate letter, via grassroots activists, also asked him to withdraw his endorsement, and was received with no reply.

With this being said, the Chair is no friend to those with opposing views. He uses his bully tactics and back room schemes to promote his status quo establishment agenda. As a registered Republican voter of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am calling for the letter of resignation of Mr. Valentino F. DiGiorgio III. He is not a friend of We the People. Politics is placed before the Keystone state’s citizens. This gentleman deceives those with whom have placed their trust in him.

The deadline for this will be the date of May 18, 2019,which is the day prior to our primary election. A special election will need to be held for his replacement.

Ms. Toal  is president and CEO of Citizens for Liberty

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman

6 thoughts on “DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman”

  1. I vehemently agree with this assessment to remove Val. He is much like rust to our State politics. He begins with the underneath, eating away at our candidates and liberty until it is falling apart.


  2. Since he’s been in his roles, PA has moved more to the left. One would have to question whether this is intentional since he’s no friend of true conservatives. He went after conservative comitteepeople so what’s thstbtell you. He needs to go now unless the Republican Party wants to keep spineless leadership in PA and lose the elections. To me he’s no Republican anyways.

  3. Pres Trump carried the state in 2016.
    2017 Democrat Chaka Fattah was convicted.
    We should have win the gubernatorial race, right? Of course, even in a mid-term year given the state of local affairs.

    Has anyone analyzed this failure, Val?
    No. But good, hard working committee people are being railroaded out of their positions for complete nonsense, violating they’re virtual free speech.
    What in the blazes of HELL is going on?
    Val has to go. This is disgraceful, and ON his watch.

  4. Did you know Val accused a Teacher at his old HS without any proof. The teacher was cleared of any wrong doing and Val never had the respect to update what he wrote in the paper:

    Here is the reply from the teacher:

  5. Great job, Jane! It is truly amazing how selective the process is when choosing who should stay, who should go, and who should be investigated in the first place.

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