Val Wants Shapiro As Governor

Val Wants Shapiro As Governor — Letter to the Editor

Val Wants Shapiro As Gov

Dear Editor

I have a credible source who has made me aware of a Montgomery County Republican Committee collusion in Pennsylvania, between themselves and the PA GOP, along with the Office of the Attorney General. As we all know by now, Val DiGiorgio and our Attorney General worked together at the law firm of Stradley Ronon.

With the anonymity of said person(s), due to my freelance press shield ethical vow which I adhere to, am being told that they, once and for all, want to rid the Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale, and his brother and running mate, Sean, out of the political spectrum in the Commonwealth.

It is also being said that the Chair of the MCRC, it’s former Chair, and the PA GOP Chair, Mr. DiGiorgio, want the Attorney General to be our next Governor, and plans have been brought to light pertaining to a hooeful victory.

With this being said, it is known that I support the Gale brothers and their transparency, as well as ethical values. I have always, and will continue to stand on the side of transparency. I, as the Gale brothers believe, place people before politics.

Be a Free Thinker. If there is a lack of transparency, there is a lack of honesty. The matter is being further investigated and I look forward to sharing pertinent information with the voters of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

James Zerbe
Montgomery County

Val Wants Shapiro As Governor

4 thoughts on “Val Wants Shapiro As Governor”

  1. Whether or not this is true, DiGiorgio should NOT be the PAGOP Chair. If he remains in this position it will be an uphill battle for Trump to win PA in 2020. All one has to do is to observe the defeats (many of which were unexpected) of innumerable GOP candidates in PA in 2018 under his chairmanship. One has to wonder whether he is a Democratic plant. At BEST he is part of the swamp and must be replaced ASAP.

  2. Mr. Zerbe, I think you are being way too hard on Mr. DiGiorgio Of course he wants to help his buddy, Josh Shapiro. Don’t forget that Mr. Shapiro gave Mr. Digiorgio’s wife a 6-figure county-paid job when Mr. Shapiro was Montco County Commissioner and Mr. DiGiorgio was Chesco Republican Chair.

    In the swamp, one hand washes the other and they both wash the face.

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