GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco? — A little birdie has told us that Chester County Republican party bosses are telling the area chairpeople not to mention Donald Trump.

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

We believe it considering the string of Chester County GOP failures that can be directly tied to how the in-it-for-themselves leaders chased away the most honest and dedicated people seeking involvement in GOP affairs.

Hey party leaders, we are Americans first and the Republican Party is just a means to an end. It’s not our religion. We can tolerate to some degree you getting a comfortable lifestyle from your politicking, but spit on us and you will lose it.

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

3 thoughts on “GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?”

  1. How does that old saying go: it is hard to argue with success. Oh wait, can’t use that one here, how about it is hard to argue with failure. OK now, Bill, you can’t argue with the Chesco “Republican” “leadership” running from Trump because you can’t argue with failure. Look what they have accomplished recently. November, 2017, Democrats in Chesco swept all four county row offices — treasurer, controller, clerk of courts, and coroner. November, 2018, Democrats flipped five state house seats. I could go on and on but let’s just leave it at they are pros at failure and it is hard to argue with failure.

    And remember the saying: “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” We need to change that one a little too. It’s not whether the Chesco bosses win or loss elections, it’s how they profit personally as lobbyists and power brokers.

  2. Look how the Republican hierarchy in PA underestimated the voting public during the last presidential election! We see their game, recognize its self-serving nature, and most of all, recognize that the machinations of parties on both sides of the aisle are undertaken at our expense. I’ve been told that especially in the Chesco area (notably home of the illustrious R state chair), R Committee seats go begging. For those R Committee people who remain and who keep listening to the Party bosses, aren’t you beginning to feel alienated among friends and neighbors who KNOW that it’s Donald TRUMP–not the R Party in PA–who’s brought them prosperity? The bosses count on the contacts of Committee people and I suggest you deny them that before you risk your reputation by association.

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