Elite Capture Chinese Strategy Counts On Treason

Elite Capture Chinese Strategy Counts On TreasonPeter Schweizer, a journalist with a solid track record, describes on GatestoneInstitute.org how the Chinese are counting on the corrupt in America to defeat us.

He describes it as “elite capture” or tempting another country’s elite with money, access and favors to move in their interest.

And it is happening.

This is a warning to government officials in whatever category and party leaders of whatever size, that it is no longer politics as usual. No longer can they feel that a compromise does no harm. No longer can they shrug their shoulders when they see evil before them and feel it will all sort out in the end.

They have to speak up and shout out and not care if the captured establishment media should attack. They have to be able to walk away from perks and wealth and put what’s right first, even if they have never done so in the past.

They will be literally damned if they don’t. It’s their children’s — everybody children’s — future at stake.

And in a related matter, Naomi Wolf describes on Substack how Canada has literally become a dictatorship:

Parliamentarians in Canada do not seem to understand that now their former colleague, Justin Trudeau, can arrest not just truckers, whose lawful protest has been declared illegal, but also the Parliamentarians themselves. This is, sadly, the next step in this kind of drama, historically. It is an extraordinarily dangerous sign that Parliament is not seated. When the Australian Parliament was suspended, by the time they reconvened, their powers had been dramatically curtailed. Tyrants seek to normalize the convening of Parliaments as “optional” or to suspend normal Parliamentary processes long enough to hollow out a legislative body’s deliberative powers, and to ensure that when and if a Parliament (or a Congress, for that matter) meets again, it will be merely a ceremonial assembly.

Parliamentarians in Canada also do not seem to understand that “dictator” is no longer rhetorical,” she says. “A member of Parliament was shushed when he cried out this epithet, but the fact is that this is not a slur at this point. Justin Trudeau is by definition now in fact a dictator.

Glen Greenwald is saying it is happening in the United States.

Dissent from orthodoxies is censored. Protests against the state are outlawed. Dissenters are harshly punished with no due process. Long prison terms are doled out for political transgressions rather than crimes of violence. Journalists are treated as criminals and spies. Opposition to the policies of political leaders are recast as crimes against the state.

Remember, the greatest power is the power to say no. If your bank starts acting weird pull your money out. Turn off corporate entertainment. Avoid products made by Chinese slaves especially if they aren’t necessary like branded sportswear.

Get Google out of your life.

Get active at politics at whatever level. Give grief to your committeepeople. If you are uncomfortable about voicing opinions, fine, but never be afraid of asking questions and expressing dissatisfaction with non-answers.

Remember to vote.

God wins in the end. Stick with Him.

Elite Capture Chinese Strategy Counts On Treason
Elite Capture Chinese Strategy Counts On Treason

One thought on “Elite Capture Chinese Strategy Counts On Treason”

  1. Vary good article, but please people get your money out of banks, even smaller ones until you are absolutely sure it is safe, in Canada none of them are even investments and bitcoin. Insurance Companies somehow yet to be determined are holding out so far but the puppet government here in Canada says that they will stop it covering any supporter of “white supremacists terrorists”. Just for supporting the peaceful NO violence Freedom protest, for useless mandates and unsuccessful “vac’s”
    I do not know if any of you follow real truthful news, that they have been trying to ban for years now and freedom of speech too. You can see how violet these “antifa goons?” dressed like riot police were to the still peaceful legal protest. They would grab one out of the crowd take them away in handcuffs surround them and holding them knee them in the groin and stomach repeatedly while the goons I cannot call them police encircling the brutal beating were laughing and encouraging the beating on, so sick, the man who was above this filming it ran away and said he was scared for his own life? There were many other brutal beatings in hiding too, some filmed, never mind the the horse trampling in front of all. that was in the news saying an invisible bike no one saw but they did see the older ladys walker who was trampled and she if not more are in hospital. The WEF owned lieberal bought out media claimed there were no injuries, then just one after the film of this was made public they shot with rubber bullets into the crowds they maced them. Many a reporter got maced and hit. At one point a group of people were cornered and two water fire trucks were sitting there, remember how cold Ottawa is and these people had been out in it all day, but the guy filming this said before I get cornered too and sprayed I am getting out of here so we do not know if those water trucks were used. etc. etc. etc. This has been lied about repeatedly in the sick media, Canada is gone as a country now for sure unless but I do not know for sure, the Hero peaceful Truckers with accounts and credit cards frozen.said they were not finished they were regrouping and groups of lawyers are backing them and charging the puppet government no longer Canadian at all. Any one that supported these Heroes has their bank accounts frozen and their possessions striped possibly even their children and pets since they now have no money or homes. etc. who would believe this done so brutally unless you came from one of the countries where it has already happened.
    Trudope, used to stand there with his lying face hanging out saying to other countries that he supports protests, India and Cuba were very annoyed according to the press when he supported there protests, and the pictures of this scarecrow fake PM kneeling to violent BLM and before to G. Soros he and Chrystia un Freeland they are disgusting while trudeau tweets about the elites Olympics Canadians are being tortured and lied about.

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