Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco?

Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco?
Hitting the iceberg is a full-time job.

Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco? — It’s being reported that Val “Republican Titanic” DiGiorgio  wants to step down as Chester County Republican leader to focus full time on his responsibilities as state GOP chairman.

We’re not sure if that’s a good thing.

Hey Val, have you considered stepping down from Stradley Ronon, Pennsylvania’s premier political fixing firm?

Just kidding.

Names bandied as replacements include Rick Loughery, the Chester County Recorder of Deeds, Steven Sansone, local Republican Party Executive Vice Chair, and Joe Toner, Uwchlan Township Industrial Development Authority President.

We’re not sure if that’s a good thing either.


Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco?

9 thoughts on “Val DiGiorgio Quitting Chesco?”

  1. I’d rather he’d step down from the PA position where he can do more damage. We need someone there who will work tirelessly to reverse the trend of the bluing of certain districts that seems to be happening in PA. The 2016 presidential election success is an exception and one which I credit to the grassroots citizens rather than to the typically incompetent PAGOP.

    1. What boggles my mind is that Republican committeepeople voted for a guy who works for lobbying firm and who obviously doesn’t have the party as his priority.

      1. I think you are on to something. The committee voted for someone who makes money from politics and doesn’t really care about the ideals (limited government, efficient government, free markets that will cause growth and allow our children to prosper, etc.) that should drive us and lead to a government that we want. Maybe a lot on the committee, though certainly not all, are the same. They care about their job in the courthouse (or the job for their crazy uncle on the taxpayer’s dime); or getting a pat on the head by someone “important,” like Val DiGiorgio or the like; or their dream is that if they “behave” themselves by doing what those in charge want, that they will be anointed to run for office.

        1. –Maybe a lot on the committee, though certainly not all, are the same. —

          Good point. And when you depend on the county for a job, it’s hard to resist the pull of the string.

    2. Joanne- I fully agree with you. This past election cycle was a example of the PAGOP’s inability or deliberate effort to campaign successfully for our ballot. The human resources are in place, but ignored fora psychotic (or planned?) strategy which results in failure.

  2. Rick Loughery is head of the Young Republicans, Toner is a long-time old guard same-old, same-old VD follower, Steve Sansone is afraid of his own shadow and looks to VD for guidance all the way.

    Tell me how we’ll have change in the party!

  3. The PA GOP (and the GOP in general) fought against Trump in 2016. Remember when Pat Meehan said he wouldn’t vote for Trump….before he had even done anything!! They were equally feckless in the mid-term election with Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner. PA will continue to turn deep blue as long as the PA GOP continues to fight it’s own candidates. After the primaries, when the people have spoken, the GOP MUST work FOR the elected candidates! They didn’t in 2016 AND 2018. Now, we pay the consequences for their indolent decisions! The mid-term loss rests at their feet and they need to stop pointing fingers at the voters! Listen to the people!!!

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