Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama

Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama — We’ve been told that we never properly ended our Chesco Inquisition story that started on New Year’s Eve 2015 when we wrote how Elks Township committeewoman Donna Ellingsen was ordered to appear before a board of inquisitors for supporting conservatives and opposing the corruption and incompetence rampant in the Chester County GOP establishment.

Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama
The winner

Yeah, hindsight proved her 100 percent right.

After much drama, her constituents ended up promoting her to Area 19 chairwoman, and of course her number one adversary Val DiGiorgio ended up slinking off in disgrace for other matters.

Even though Donna ended up as area chairwoman the party leadership went after her again.

Anyway, we were told we never reported that in March 2018, a tribunal of area chairs cleared her albeit through gritted teeth.

Victory is sweet.

Ending Chesco Inquisition Drama

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