Delco Comes Out Big For Trump

Delco Comes Out Big For Trump — Rallies were held for President Trump, today, June 1 in Media and Concord in Delaware County, Pa.

Turnout was strong. Thursday’s kangaroo court conviction seems to have solidified support for The Donald.

Among those attending the Media rally were Kathy Buckley, who is the Republican candidate for 168 District Pennsylvania House race and Liz Piazza, who is the one for the 165th District seat.

Media GOP chairman Michael Straw has sent pictures from both events.

Rallying for Trump on Baltimore Pike in Media

Delco Comes Out Big For Trump
Another photo from the Media Rally

Delco Comes Out Big For Trump
And the rally in Concord.

Quiet Boycott Month Begins

Quiet Boycott Month Begins –Today starts the traditional month-long quiet boycott of businesses expressing pride in destructive sex acts, the mutilation of children and the rejection of having progeny.

Fewer businesses will be expressing such pride this year as they lost hundreds of millions of dollars last June for doing so.

Some still have not recovered.

Of course there are institutions that really don’t care about profits or market share, and will continue to glorify this self destruction. One kind of wonders what motivates them.

Don’t take this as homophobia. The most legitimate reason for discrimination is character and there are plenty of gays with great character. Glenn Greenwald and Andy Ngo are journalistic heroes and hopefully Ric Grenell will be our next secretary of state.

We doubt any of them celebrate “pride month”.

Quiet Boycott Month Begins

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