Lawnmower Ban Topic Tomorrow In Swarthmore

Lawnmower Ban Topic Tomorrow In Swarthmore — The Swarthmore Borough Environmental Committee Meeting is meeting 7 p.m., tomorrow, June 26, in Swarthmore Borough Hall., 121 Park Ave, and will include discussion of the the proposed ban on combustion powered outdoor power equipment (CPOME).

The ordinance was tabled at the last council meeting.

There is public comment both at the start and end of the meeting but is only open to Swarthmore residents. There is a three minute time limit.

The agenda is available at under agendas and minutes.

— Bob Small

Lawnmower Ban Topic Tomorrow In Swarthmore

Ardmore Grooming Station Welcomes Difficult Dogs

Ardmore Grooming Station Welcomes Difficult Dogs

By Sharon Devaney

Ardmore Grooming Station should be the absolutely only place to get your furry family members cleaned, beautified and yes it will even dye their hair in fun colors.

The salon is at 7 Anderson Ave., Ardmore, Pa. 19003 and is the perennial winner of Main Line Media News The Best of the Main line for Groomers and Bathers on the Main Line.

It has three employees who are former veterinarian technicians, and each has several years of experience.

Most groomers will turn down difficult dogs but not here.

Owner Robyn Axner-Davis choose never to crate pets when she opened in 2017.

Ardmore Grooming is like a day care with serious pet whisperers. One of them is Kim, the the groomer for my rescues Herbie and Luna.

Herbie had been abused and had anxiety, and this led me to be directed to here. Luna and he fell in love with the place after the first visit and trips became a treat for them.

I had to send Herbie over the rainbow bridge recently, however, and this gave Luna bad anxiety. She stopped eating. Ardmore Grooming came to the rescue helping get her spirits back. They even gifted her a new collar and leash .

Kim has taken on some of the worst biters and pets unable to stand.

The salon grooms pets with missing limbs, joint pain, arthritis and nerve damage. If the pet needs calm talking, music or quiet they accommodate.

The pets are done within two hours. There is a drop off/ pick up service at the door for those don’t have time to wait.

Suburban Square is just a short walk away for shopping or a bite for those wishing to wait.

Full grooming for dogs includes custom shampoo and conditioner, coat brush out, styling depending on the breed, nail trim and ear cleaning. They also offer full feline grooming and nail trims for pets that hop.

Many staffers use their personal time to rescue animals small and large in the Philadelphia area and take them to places for rehab before finding homes for them.

Visit for information or call Robin at 610-645-7500

Ardmore Grooming Station Welcomes Difficult Dogs
Kim with a senior dog

Ardmore Grooming Station Welcomes Difficult Dogs
Brenda grooming Gigi

Ardmore Grooming Station Welcomes Difficult Dogs
It’s also cool for cats at Ardmore Grooming Station.

Ardmore Grooming Station Welcomes Difficult Dogs
Luna and Herbie after a grooming

Ardmore Grooming Station Welcomes Difficult Dogs

DACA Foxes In The Police Hen House

DACA Foxes In The Police Hen House

By Bob Small

It’s rare when The Daily Mail (UK) focuses on the internal workings of a US City but a recent story concerns Seattle’s plan to use illegal migrants to bolster its depleted police force.

It’s encouraged via a law signed by Democrat Governor Jay Inslee in February that those who speak more than one language can be chosen above an equally qualified candidate.

The legislation took effect, June 6.

And the The US Justice Department now lets  DACA recipients have firearms and ammunition as part of their official law enforcement officer duties.

Meanwhile, former Lieutenant Jessica Taylor, who resigned after almost a quarter of a century, sent a letter to Police Chief Adrian Diaz, saying “Your controlling, bullying, and gaslighting tendencies have wreaked havoc on this department, driving away talented and dedicated officers,

“On May 29, Diaz resigned amid charges of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. He was later to “come out” as a gay man.

DACA police are also being hired in California and Chicago.

According to state officials, “Washington is home to more than 14,000 DACA recipients, and “Dreamers” canhelp ease Seattle’s cop shortage.

DACA recipients are also considering allowing the DACA recipients to become county deputies, fish and wildlife officers, and Seattle firefighters.

In April, Seattle’s KTTH am station, had a report, from Jason Rantz, that alleged that the police were at a staffing level not seen in almost 70 years.

The Seattle PD has advertised for DACA recipients on Linkedin! Seattle Police recruiting DACA recipients to be cops.

It can be considered the fox guarding the en house never seemed so apt.

This has yet to be discussed by either Delaware County Council of Philadelphis there may soon be a market for the newly formed SSL (Spanish as a second language) classes. At least certain phrases in Spanish such as as “I have an alibi”, “it was my identical twin” or “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”.

Note; Thanks to Scott from Vermont.

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