Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions

Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions — Just got around to watching Route 91: Uncovering the Coverup produced by Las Vegas political activist Mindy Robinson.

It concerns the Oct. 1, 2017 massacre at the  Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas in which 58 persons were killed and another 500 wounded.

The official version is that all the death and pain was caused by a deranged Stephen Paddock who used bump-stock equipped rifles to fire “over 1,100 rounds” of .223 (or maybe 5.56) caliber ammunition during an 11 minute rampage from 490 yards away.

Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions

Ms. Robinson’s documentary calls into question that narrative. Yes, she is an actress but she has degrees in history and political science, and the production is well done.

It depicts the stonewalling by law enforcement, the numerous deaths caused by head shots, the inefficiency of bump stocks and the many reports of multiple shooters.

We highly recommend watching it.

It can be found on YouTube here:

For what it’s worth, we’ve always thought that hitting nearly half one’s targets from almost 500 yards away with bump-stock equipped rifles was rather remarkable.

You’d think the military would adopt bump-stocks if they are that effective.

Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions”

  1. I’m surprised YouTube hasn’t taken this down. They do have it flagged with a warning that some may find it offensive, thought. That’s cute.

    1. Why bother —– another controlled opposition “documentary” which “raises” questions but never provides any REAL reportage or journalism! (Does this “conservative” dcoumentary maker mention Paddock was an ace auditor witje the DCAA (DoD)? That former employees from there were then at Caesars Entertainment — owner of those casinos Paddock was originally “winning” (money laundering) at??? Does it mention the sundry connections between the investment firm Capstone, amd Caesars Entertainment and Paddock?!? (I’ll bet NO — tired of wasting time on thse controlled opposition ops!!!)

      Rubes raved and raved about “2000 Mules” —- so what, never PROVED squat!

      Did Dinesh ever show us the makeup of any of those ballots —- negative!!! Just assumed they were for Manchurian Joe — assumptions aren’t permissable in a court of law (and Real Evidence is excluded in Soros–involved courts)!

      Did Dinesh even mention BallotTrax, the developer of it — i3logix, and their connection to Dominion Voting Systems —– NO, NO and NO!

      So what did “2000 Mules” or this so–called documentary report or prove?

      Essentially nothing —– controlled opposition!

      1. Paddock’s possible money laundering via gambling is mentioned as is Paddock’s possible employment by the feds.

        Why not just watch the documentary?

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