Josh Shapiro Ellen Greenberg And Looming Election

Josh Shapiro Ellen Greenberg And Looming Election — Josh Shapiro kicked the controversial Ellen Greenberg case to Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan in August after sitting on it since 2019.

Was Pennsylvania’s looming gubernatorial election a motive? The polls show it tight between Democrat Shapiro and Republican Doug Mastriano.

Miss Greenberg, a kindergarten teacher engaged to NBC producer Samuel Goldberg, was found dead by Goldberg in her Manayunk apartment on Jan. 26, 2011. She had 22 stab wounds. The case was initially ruled a homicide by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office, then changed to suicide.

Josh Shapiro Ellen Greenberg And Looming Election
Ellen Greenberg with her students

Miss Greenberg’s parents, Josh and Sandee, rejected the finding as some of the wounds were to her back and head and some apparently occurred after death.

In 2019, they asked the city’s District Attorney’s office headed by Larry Krasner to review the case. Krasner sent it state Attorney General Shapiro as Krasner had represented the Greenbergs.

And so Shapiro sat on it despite a media controversy. Would it really take three years to determine if the wounds were from behind? To have occurred after-death?

Those kind of injuries would pretty much rule out suicide.

Why the stonewalling?

True crime Youtuber Gavin Fish has been following the case.

Here is his latest from July. Hat tip Leah Hoopes.

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