Constitution Party Nominees Don’t Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

Constitution Party Nominees Don’t Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

By Bob Small

For the many years that we were involved trying to get nomination petition signatures, we fought the Democratic party challenges to our Green Party candidates. Many of us also joined with The Constitution and Libertarian Parties in their challenges, either in Harrisburg or Philly.

PaBac Ballot Access Coalition was the result of this cooperation. Our unspoken promise, also, was, that if our particular party did not get on the ballot, we would vote for either of the other two Parties who were on the ballot, no matter the candidate. Some years, it’s a big ask.

The Constitution Party of Pennsylvania declares itself to be predicated on the following three documents; The Bill of Rights, The Constitution of the United State, and The Declaration of Independence, which we all support. Some of us might question some of their affiliated groups, such as the John Birch Society and the Oath Keepers. However this also applies to the Greens and Libertarians.

On their website they quote Dwight D. Eisenhower: Every step we take toward making the state the caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the state our masters.

The Constitution Party is divided into six regions with Troy Bowman representsing the Southeast Region.

In 2024, they chose Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, as their presidential candidate . He has a lengthy arrest record for both violent and non-violent protests.

Operation Rescue’s motto was “If you believe abortion is murder, then you must act like it is murder” — implying that violence against abortion providers and staff was justified.

This is rather like a later day John Brown trying to bring people to Harper’s Ferry. That said, one has to admire his consistency, if not agree with all his tactics.

Randall Terry has a masters degree in Foreign Relations and Islamic Studies

The Vice-presidential Candidate is Afro-American Pastor Stephen Broden of Texas. He has a Masters of Arts in Communication from Michigan and a Masters of Arts in Bible Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a fervent Pro-Life advocate.

Maybe the Green Party will get their candidate on the ballot this year.

Constitution Party Nominees Don't Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

Constitution Party Nominees Don’t Make It Easy To Keep A Promise

5 thoughts on “Constitution Party Nominees Don’t Make It Easy To Keep A Promise”

  1. Thanks for this information! It sounds like the only decent independent/third-party candidate is RFK.

  2. Why don’t we ever see Third Party candidates on the ballot for offices they can actually win.

    Municipal, county and state wide elections, especially in Pennsylvania, is where things matter most.

    Give us reasonable candidates, in almost any third party, and we can change board of commissioners, school boards, county councils and most importantly the state house.

    I am SICK of the uncontested Primary elections where both R and D force candidates on the Primary voters thus denying us any voice or choice. That is where third parties can actually win yet I never see them on the ballot. It’s almost as if they too are part of the uniparty.

    Third parties come out of the woodwork every four years to run for president but are deafeningly silent in election years they can actually win.

  3. Abortion is a state’s rights issue, not in our constitution. The Constitution Party has not figured out yet that taking a hard line on abortion (no abortions allowed, ever) will alienate even the churchgoing crowd of women and guarantee that the party will never win an election. Why can’t they just stick to the Constitution since that is the basis for their party? Very frustrating as we need a viable third party with the Constitution as the basis for all policies. I reviewed the literature/platform and it reads like a christian nationalist anti-abortion party platform. This party is going nowhere with this ethos and platform.

      1. Respectfully, abortion is a human rights issue. Slavery, as another example, wasn’t a states rights issue either. These are moral issues first and foremost.

        Irregardless the nation was divided over a moral evil and literally fought brother against brother. Slavery was and remains a human rights issue. It was also a catalyst for the America Civil War.

        Infer or extrapolate what you may but I am of the opinion that a society that does not protect their most vulnerable such as the very young and the very old will not be a society for long.

        I also believe if more people know what an abortion actually is and saw one performed there would a significant drop in support. We will never take back the country if we do not take back the language and not play into the doublespeak and doublethink.

        We as a nation have been conditioned to think of “a clump of cells” and now abortion has become an accepted form of birth control when it was sold to us as “safe, legal and rare.” So much so it seems almost as if it is a sacrament, or a right of passage to many.

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