Book Ban Lie Backed By Conservative Cumberland County: Letter To Editor

Book Ban Lie Backed By Conservative Cumberland County

We are sorry to see that Cumberland County Commissioners Gary Eichelberger (Republican), Chair Jean Foschi (Democrat) and Vince DiFilippo (Republican) have posted a press release on the county web site from the Cumberland County Library System promoting the “banned book” narrative:–Banned-Books-Week-2022-Books-Unite-Us-Censorship-Divides-Us–

Where was the American Library Association when they banned Dr. Seuss, Huckleberry Finn, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, To Kill a Mockingbird, and other American classics? The answer is “nowhere to be found,” because that did not fit into the Woke Narrative. As American classics continue to be purged from our libraries, as they are deliberating in the Camp Hill School District, the Hard Left is pushing pervasively vulgar and educationally unsuitable books to minors in the name of “free speech.” 

Public school libraries have an obligation and moral responsibility to have high quality, age-appropriate literature that will enrich students’ lives and academic experience, not put their mental and developmental well-being at risk. The trend of pushing unsuitable books on our children is particularly troubling when purchased with funds taken from tax-paying citizens that they would never want their children to read if they were aware of their contents. 

The hyper-sexualization of our young children is a disturbing and evil trend in our schools, from drag queen story hours marketed to toddlers, to directing students to highly sexualized pornographic content on school search engines, to the social media obsession with talking about sex and “gender-fluidity,” our children are being destabilized by being bombarded with deviant concepts and told they have to accept them as “normal.” 

Parents across America who have been attending school board meetings to advise their school directors of the contents of these books and ask for their removal. School directors who do nothing are negligent and should be removed from office when they are up for election in 2023. 

Take Back Our Schools PAC is dedicated to helping parents in Cumberland County fight for a return to appropriate, high quality education, which includes the recommendation of good literature. 

For more information or to get involved, email

Lois Kaneshiki

Take Back Our Schools PAC

Book Ban Lie Backed By Conservative Cumberland County
Book Ban Lie Backed By Conservative Cumberland County

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