The Joe Soloski Campaign

The Joe Soloski Campaign

By Bob Small

Our previous post on the Keystone Party focused on the formation of the new Pennsylvania Party, the Keystone Party.   

Now we are looking at Joe Soloski, the Keystone Party candidate for governor.

His almost 10-page website lists his platform which includes:

The Joe Soloski Campaign
Joe Soloski

Term limits for State Legislators

Decriminalize recreational cannabis

Eliminate the personal income tax

Eliminate personal licensing

Not changing the minimum wage

Energy Advocacy namely coal, nuclear, oil)

Reduce the emergency powers of the Governor

Sell the state store system

Cut the salaries of the Governor and the State Legislature, and

Elimination of inheritance and property taxes

I would urge everyone to read his entire agenda, all 10 pages, possibly over a pot of tea and scones.

The following answers came from answers that Joe sent me to a list of questions that I emailed him:

He is running for Governor because “change has to come form the top”.

He wants Pennsylvania to become “the tax haven that it needs to be in order to attract new businesses and residents”.

He also wants to implement ranked choice voting.

Besides winning, he would also considers a successful campaign one where they would be “reaching independent voters” and “attract them to my own campaign”.

He has benn invited to participate in a debate organized by Vreem Pittsburgh.

He expects other forums and debates. See his website for details

His planned campaign appearances include stops in Montco and Philly.

His running mate is Nicole Shultz, whom we plan to profile later.

The Joe Soloski Campaign

One thought on “The Joe Soloski Campaign”

  1. Siphoning off votes from the Republican candidate. Possible spoiler that will get Loony Shapiro elected. Legalized recreational marijuana too. Um, its illegal under federal law, stop the nonsense. Hard pass.

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