New Keystone Party Has 3 State-wide Candidates

New Keystone Party Has 3 State-wide Candidates

By Bob Small

The brand new The Keystone Party of Pennsylvania has on this year’s ballot candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, senator, and State House 93rd District. 

Joe Soloski, one of the founders, is the gubernatorial candidate. 

“I did not leave the Libertarian Party, the Libertarian Party left me,” Soloski said. 

The breakup  occurred at The Libertarian Party Convention in March. 

“The Libertarian Party became anything but an inclusive organization promoting personal liberty”, he said. “. . .Keystone was formed to promote the ideals of personal liberty, human rights,  and to be a potential new home for those independent voters that have not been able to feel at home with any party”

Their platform includes alternative currency, ending qualified immunity, an independent redistricting commission, jury nullification,  a part-time legislature, reduction of non elected and overreaching authority, and term limits and gun rights.

There has been some opposition to their formation from within their former party, The Libertarians.

“They’re a small  group of disgruntled Libertarians who ran the party for the last few years but were handily tossed out of power at the 2022 State Convention, ” said Libertarian Ken Krawchuk. “The Keystoners were more interested in playing political shenanigans on fellow libertarians than on the old party candidates.”

Krawchuk did see a bright side though.

“There are now TWO  political parties in  Pennsylvania that are pushing the Libertarian agenda,” he said.

The Keystone Party of Pennsylvania is not to be confused with Keystone United, a skinhead group.

New Keystone Party Has 3 State-wide Candidates
New Keystone Party Has 3 State-wide Candidates

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