Aston Drop Box Concerns: Letter to Editor

Aston Drop Box Concerns: Letter to Editor

Mr Stigale, Mr Higgens, Aston Board of Commishinors:

It has come to my attention there is an unattended drop box at the abandoned township building located on Pennell Road.

In addition to the building being vacated there appears to be a solar powered camera. Is this camera operational? Does this camera function at night and is there a reliable power source that will ensure this camera is functional at all times? How is data obtained from this device, are there any radio transmitters of any kind or any removeable storage?

A vacant building and questionable security is clearly justification enough to remove the drop box. At least two other neighboring municipalities have removed their drop boxes and there is a lawsuit in a neighboring county over similar concerns that may have statewide implications.

In light of this information I request you, the duly elected representatives of the People of Aston Township, to vote immediately and unanimously to remove this drop box as soon as possible before the next election and not to replace it at this or any other location within the township, now or in the future.


Joseph B Dychala

Aston, PA

Aston Drop Box Concerns

One thought on “Aston Drop Box Concerns: Letter to Editor”

  1. There is a Board of Commishinors meeting in Aston Township tonight at the 2 New Road location.

    There are more than sufficient mail boxes in the township and an easily accessible Post Office on Pennel Road. The drop box is redundant, not to mention unsecured at an abandoned building.

    This box will never be removed unless the People speak up!

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