Ebola Equality Political Correctness

Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden                            Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden

Ebola fear is spreading, a contingency the Obama administration should have been preparing for in August if not earlier.

The big reason for the unease is leadership. Obama said it was unlikely to get here and, well, here it  is.

He apparently thought he was dealing with the  j.v. team of contagious disease.

Thomas Frieden, who directs our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is the man who Obama tapped to deal with matters like this.

As we should have expected, Frieden was not picked  for his skill in dealing with a crisis but for his fidelity to the poison of political correctness.

He was Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene when called to federal service and was best known for distributing condoms to gays and banning trans-fat from New York restaurants.

His brother Jeffrey is  the Stanfield Professor of International Peace at Harvard and critic of free markets.

It’s no wonder why Frieden is fighting quarantines for travelers from West Africa. Equality means Ebola equality as well, after all.

And it’s no wonder  that now Frieden has been compelled to act he is proposing plans that are scaring the pants off of rubber-meets-the-road health workers.

And it’s no wonder that he is giving  blame-ridden explanations without checking the facts i.e. there was no protocol to breach concerning the contagions of those who treated the late Liberian visitor Thomas Duncan.

When your skill set is political pandering that is the thing you do.

The tragedy is that Ebola doesn’t have to be scary, or anywhere near as scary anyway.

The evil, greedy Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. stopped Ebola cold at its 80,000 person rubber plantation in the middle of the Liberian hot zone, it seems and just using common sense and materials at hand.

But then those evil greedy corporate types appear to have treated the issue as crisis and not as an excuse for political posturing and laughable orchestrated photo ops.

Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden



Ebola Incompetence Endangers All

Ebola Incompetence Endangers All
By Chris Freind

Mindboggling. Astounding. Incomprehensible.

All perfectly describe the string of mistakes and idiotic actions of government officials and health care professionals dealing with the Ebola virus on American soil.

But the most important descriptor cannot be omitted.


Since we are willfully letting Ebola in, how could we not expect unintended consequences and detrimental results? History teaches us it’s inevitable.

It’s bad enough that we allowed Ebola-stricken Americans to enter the U.S., but by granting unrestricted access to anyone who has traveled to West Africa within a 21-day time frame (Ebola’s incubation period), we asked for big trouble. And now that Thomas Duncan, a Liberian national who flew to America and became the first person diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil, we got it. Lots of it.

But don’t worry, we’re told. The “experts” have everything under control. America is more-than-prepared to contain Ebola and wipe it out.

So nothing to fear, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

Given that Ebola happens to be one of the deadliest viruses in human history, and knowing this year-long outbreak in Africa was unprecedented, we should have been prepared. But in modern America, being proactive is treated with contempt, and as a result, Ebola was given a free ride.

So in the interest of preserving human civilization, let’s look at why Ebola, despite being downplayed by the government, needs to be considered such a grave threat:

HIV/AIDS is the world’s most infectious killer, but contracting it is quite difficult, making the average person’s risk factor virtually nonexistent. The risk to those engaged in certain sexual practices (where intimate physical contact is required for transmission) can be substantially mitigated if simple, medically advised precautions are taken. Yet despite that, a staggering 36 million people worldwide have died since 1981. Thirty-six million!

Contrast that to Ebola, which has a mortality rate of up to 90 percent and where person-to-person contact is not necessary to contract the virus, and it should be immediately obvious what we are facing. Yet officials continue living in la-la land, not seeing, or at least not admitting, that Ebola presents a potentially unstoppable pandemic, especially if it mutates.

Too many view pandemics, such as the Black Death, as relics of the ancient past, arrogantly believing modern medicine is equipped to stop anything. But in doing so, they forget 20th-century history. The Spanish Flu of 1918 devastated the world, including America (and Philadelphia in particular), infecting more than 500 million. It killed with startling efficiency, and as many as 100 million people perished (5 percent of the global population), leading Spanish Flu to be called “the greatest medical holocaust in history.”

Given that Ebola’s lethality is, at a minimum, 300 percent greater than the Spanish Flu, with its 10 to 20 percent mortality rate, it’s anything but alarmist to think we should be pulling out all the stops to halt Ebola. But we’re not. Consider:

1. Continuously admitting Americans infected with Ebola into the U.S. is playing Russian Roulette with five bullets in a six-round gun. We should spare no expense in setting up a Level-4 bio-hazard lab on a remote island to treat all Americans. No exceptions. But instead, the borders, especially at airports, remain wide open, warmly welcoming Mr. Ebola. That’s not compassionate. That’s suicide.

2. After exhibiting symptoms of Ebola at a Dallas hospital, Thomas Duncan was sent home, even after telling health care workers he had just been to Liberia, Ebola’s Ground Zero. First, the hospital blamed a nurse for failing to pass along that hugely critical information, then claimed Duncan’s medical report wasn’t visible to doctors due to an electronic records glitch. Also false. Turns out everyone on the case had access to the information, but simply missed it. Incomprehensible, yes, but also expected.

3. It gets worse. The highly contagious Duncan was free to roam for days, possibly infecting God knows how many — and, truly, only God knows, because the “experts” have no idea. Their guess at Duncan’s “close contacts” keeps rising (it was eight, now it’s over 100). Even after Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola, his family and friends moved freely, including sending possibly exposed children to school.

The family was eventually quarantined in Duncan’s apartment, but why there? Incredibly, no officials deemed it important to remove the family and immediately decontaminate the apartment. Instead, the family was forced to live in a petri dish alongside Duncan’s potentially virus-ridden sheets and clothes. The first cleanup crew, as well as police entering the apartment, had no virus protection. And topping it off, the emergency services’ reverse-911 call to warn residents failed in embarrassing fashion.

The real culprit in all the snafus is Ebola’s biggest benefactor: Human error. And that is why, despite claims to the contrary, Ebola cannot be contained. We knew it was coming, yet inexcusably bad decisions were made, and things went horribly wrong. What happens when it appears in a different form on a mass scale?

All of which makes the statements of Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention — that “we are stopping it in its tracks in this country … There is no doubt in my mind we will stop it here” — ring hollow, huh?

The CDC keeps changing its story, out of both ignorance and deceit. Its leaders believe that by downplaying the extreme seriousness of Ebola and reassuring Americans that all is under control, the problem will go away. They couldn’t be more wrong.


Ebola Incompetence Endangers All

Professor Cyril Broderick Claims Ebola Conspiracy

With the first American Ebola case now confirmed in Dallas, we should note some things not to do for those in a position to have a forum and we will start with Delaware State Professor Cyril E. Broderick, Sr., a Liberian native who had a screed published in the Monrovia Daily Observer blaming the disease on the CIA.

The Daily Observer is Liberia’s largest newspaper.

Broderick cited the 1989 novel The Hot Zone as his source.


Delaware State is defending Broderick declaring that  it is his First Amendment right to spout this garbage.

Of course, that’s a straw man. Nobody is advocating jail for this twit. We are suggesting it be appropriate to condemn what he wrote — The First Amendment applies to Delaware State administrators as well, after all — and takes step to disassociate the school from him.

It is a sad day when the NFL takes idiotic statements by its employees more seriously than academia.

Hat tip Rick Moran at PJMedia

Professor Cyril Broderick Claims Ebola Conspiracy


Professor Cyril Broderick Claims Ebola Conspiracy

American Ebola Patients Released

Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, the two Christian Missionaries who contracted ebola after treating patients in Liberia have been released from Emory University Hospital it has been announced.

“We are tremendously pleased with Dr. Brantly and Mrs. Writebol’s recovery,” said Dr. Bruce Ribner, director of Emory’s Infectious Disease Unit. He noted that the hospital is confident their discharges pose no public health threat.

Nearly half the patients receiving medical care in the current outbreak in West Africa are surviving, CNN reported.

For Dr. Brantly’s comments visit here.

American Ebola Patients Released

American Ebola Patients Released

Ebola Coverage Stays Quiet

With all the stories regarding celebrity deaths and such, it sure is easy to see why its hard for the old media to find some room concerning the West African Ebola epidemic.

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer did manage to sneak in a few paragraphs on page 4 about how its going to last six more months.

As of yesterday, Aug. 15, the reported toll was 1,145 deaths and  2,127 cases of the disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) claims the reported toll “vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.”

The New York Times, to its credit, is taking the matter seriously, as is Matt Drudge.

Other stories of interest not getting much mention is a report that Ukraine has attacked Russian troops — something denied by Russia —  and leaves changing color in Pittsburgh due to record cold temperatures pretty much putting paid to all claims of global warming.

Ebola Coverage Stays Quiet

Ebola Coverage Stays Quiet


Media Priorities Regarding Suffering

The Philadelphia area papers today, Aug. 14, continued to carry stories about a celebrity death that happened three days ago.

Meanwhile, nothing about the status of courageous Christian missionaries Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol who are fighting for their lives after contracting ebola in Liberia.

The latest reports have Mrs. Writebol and Dr. Brantly improving.

Keep them in your prayers.

Media Priorities Regarding Suffering

Media Priorities Regarding Suffering

Obama Parties While World Burns

Obama Parties While World Burns

Obama parties while world burns

Riots have erupted in the environs of St. Louis after  police in the suburb of Ferguson shot and killed an unarmed black kid named Michael Brown.

Questions and even anger are appropriate but when passersby are attacked just because they can be attacked and stores are looted just because they can be looted, the matter of Mr. Brown’s death gets buried beneath more pressing matters of right and wrong.

Just about all those rioters, if they voted, voted for Barack Obama for president. It is not unreasonable to think that he can calm things down and stop the destruction of property belonging to innocent people not to mention assaults on those people

So where is he? Why he’s golfing on Martha’s Vineyard.

Bombs are falling on Iraq, Christians are being killed by Islamic progressives; unattended children are being pushed across the Mexican border; Russia is conspiring to invade Ukraine, and may have inadvertently shot down a Malaysian jetliner as part of the conspiracy; U.S. wages are down 23 percent and a deadly disease is threatening to engulf the world.

And he’s out golfing.

For two weeks.

Way to go hipsters.


Obama Parties While World Burns