Obama Parties While World Burns

Obama Parties While World Burns

Obama parties while world burns

Riots have erupted in the environs of St. Louis after  police in the suburb of Ferguson shot and killed an unarmed black kid named Michael Brown.

Questions and even anger are appropriate but when passersby are attacked just because they can be attacked and stores are looted just because they can be looted, the matter of Mr. Brown’s death gets buried beneath more pressing matters of right and wrong.

Just about all those rioters, if they voted, voted for Barack Obama for president. It is not unreasonable to think that he can calm things down and stop the destruction of property belonging to innocent people not to mention assaults on those people

So where is he? Why he’s golfing on Martha’s Vineyard.

Bombs are falling on Iraq, Christians are being killed by Islamic progressives; unattended children are being pushed across the Mexican border; Russia is conspiring to invade Ukraine, and may have inadvertently shot down a Malaysian jetliner as part of the conspiracy; U.S. wages are down 23 percent and a deadly disease is threatening to engulf the world.

And he’s out golfing.

For two weeks.

Way to go hipsters.


Obama Parties While World Burns



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  1. President Obama made a comment about the riots. Maybe you should read other media besides Faux News

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