Professor Cyril Broderick Claims Ebola Conspiracy

With the first American Ebola case now confirmed in Dallas, we should note some things not to do for those in a position to have a forum and we will start with Delaware State Professor Cyril E. Broderick, Sr., a Liberian native who had a screed published in the Monrovia Daily Observer blaming the disease on the CIA.

The Daily Observer is Liberia’s largest newspaper.

Broderick cited the 1989 novel The Hot Zone as his source.


Delaware State is defending Broderick declaring that  it is his First Amendment right to spout this garbage.

Of course, that’s a straw man. Nobody is advocating jail for this twit. We are suggesting it be appropriate to condemn what he wrote — The First Amendment applies to Delaware State administrators as well, after all — and takes step to disassociate the school from him.

It is a sad day when the NFL takes idiotic statements by its employees more seriously than academia.

Hat tip Rick Moran at PJMedia

Professor Cyril Broderick Claims Ebola Conspiracy


Professor Cyril Broderick Claims Ebola Conspiracy

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