Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality; Worse Than We Imagined

Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality; Worse Than We Imagined — Dr. Robert Malone put on his Substack a few hours ago (Oct. 27) a video of a recent talk regarding the Covid “vaccine” along with a transcript.

If I didn’t believe in God, I’d be hitting the bottle 24/7 after reading it.

I’d suggest atheists pass on clicking the link or even reading further. Faith is required more than ever.

Malone speaks almost with the voice of God on this subject. Except for “mockingbirders” or those wont to parse words, he is the inventor of the mRNA process. His authority is without dispute for the rational.

Malone says what has been injected into 5.4 billion arms for protection from Covid is not really a vaccine.

“These are gene therapy technologies applied to vaccination,”he said.

His early dream of treating those suffering from permanent misery by giving them new genes reached a dead end as the immune system invariably attacked new genes regardless of how beneficial.

“And that turned out to be the logic flaw in gene therapy,” he said. “And they still haven’t solved that.”

Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality; Worse Than Any Of Imagined
Dr. Robert Malone

This technique, however, could be used to elicit a vaccine response, he realized. He filed the patents in 1989.

Merck bought the rights, and spent over a billion dollars before abandoning the project.

“It all sounds great on paper, and then, you got to make it work, and you got to deal with the consequences when things don’t go right,” Malone said.

The government, however, figured it might have a use.

“The CIA basically picked up the RNA part out of the trash can and pushed it forward and made it work,” Malone said.

And when Covid arrived, it was there.

The vax, however, was rushed and the FDA was coerced into bypassing standard tests.

Chemicals like polyethylene glycol were added because too long a delay after opening the bottle can cause toxic globs to form in the vax. Unfortunately some have hypersensitivity to this.

“Polyethylene glycol is probably responsible for a lot of the short-term anaphylaxis,” Malone said. “These are people that die within an hour or two after administration.”

Malone said the vax does not use not true RNA.

He used natural RNA when he developed the technique. This would only remain for a few hours due to the immune response, though.

University of Pennsylvania researchers replaced the uridine in RNA with pseudouridine.

“It makes the RNA last a much longer time so it can keep making protein,” Malone said.

But pseudouridine remains poorly understood.

“Folks have kind of gotten ahead of their skills all the way through,” Malone said. “They’ve pushed the technology because they want it so badly because the unmet medical need is so profound.”

Malone says that the courts have forced Pfizer to disclose an analysis of adverse events that have happened after authorization that the company wanted kept secret for seven years.

It included central general disorders, nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory disorders, skin disorders, infections, cardiac, vascular, psychiatric, blood and lymphatic, eye, immune, it goes on and on.

“They’ve known all this stuff,” Malone said. “This is data coming from all over the world accumulated by Pfizer by the pharmaco vigilance team, and this is what they’re reporting to the FDA, which the FDA of course then denied was actually happening.”

Malone said that the list is like nothing the experts have ever seen with such a product.

There is no question that the vax contains contaminants of small glass fragments and small metal fragments in many lots, Malone says

He said animal testing that was done not with the spike encoding RNA, but with the firefly protein called luciferase — yes Emerald Robinson, you were sorta right — using the least sensitive method for detecting where the product goes.

The vax periodically releases biologically active RNA fragments that can elicit immune responses, he said.

Also immune imprinting is happening hence the need for boosters. Malone thinks boosters are going to make it even worse.

“You actually become more susceptible to the viral infection,” he said.

Second Circle Of Hell

The vax was made with sincere intentions, says Malone. It wasn’t about power or money, and the CIA pulled the tech from the trash can for a legitimate reason.

“The technology to enable individuals to engineer bio-weapons has become so trivial that a college senior working out of their garage with stuff they can get off of eBay, can easily recreate the most lethal pathogen combinations that our government came up with in the bio-warfare program that we ran for years,” Malone said.

The CIA wanted to develop a temporary vax for a specific pathogen to give to special forces teams taking out those making the bad stuff.

This was thought to be just the ticket for everybody when Covid arrived.

By the way, DARPA, which is the CIA’s operational development arm, funded and built Moderna. Malone also said that In-Q-Tel, which is the CIA’s investment arm, built RNA manufacturing facilities in Canada.

“This is a CIA program,” Malone said. “There’s no ambiguity here. I’m not telling state secrets.”

Malone confirmed that the bio-warfare tech has now reached the point where pathogens can be engineered so they’re relatively specific for different ethnic groups based on their genetics.

Robert Malone Describes Hellish Vaccine Reality

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  1. Was the Canadian lab the one also now run by the Chinese in Winnipeg who got caught running things back and forth to China and then got caught in the USA and arrested? Arrested with unidentified, containers of who knows but something to get them arrested? Supposedly this was the only level 4 lab in Canada that can handle bad disease materials. Interesting since the lying media here said that these mad scientists, that they had been deported? Then ? truthful media said the same Chinese scientists were still working in Winnipeg but our destructive bought out government will not say what is going on and that was right before this fake world Plannedemic started. There has been little else released on this horrible problem, but then most of our media here is bought out by billions of tax dollars by this One World hate Canadians puppet government?

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