HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study

HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study — A just released French study showed that hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin reduced deaths by 71 percent from Covid if given early and 45 percent when given after hospitalization.

Remember how our health authorities prevented this from being prescribed during the pandemic? Remember how doctors were threatened with legal and administrative sanctions if they did? And how doctors actually lost licenses for doing this?

We hope you do and we hope you shout to the rafters that those behind this wind up behind bars. Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if these corrupt pieces of scum simply stayed out of the way.

Hat tip Craig Kelly.

HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study
HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study

One thought on “HCQ Saved Covid Victims Says French Study”

  1. Like our insane or pretend globalist traitor governments being fraudulently placed by this “one world” government, to divide and conquer imprison us all or totally maim or kill as many of us as possible. This is happening all over western countries, but especially here in the Americas, the strong USA being the main target.
    So these smart and caring Doctors are the good caring Doctors, we need them, and the untrustworthy globalist others being paid to destroy as many of us as they can.
    NO no no these insurrections and all its traitors stealing our countries are not able without killing us off able to look after the world as they are the ones destroying it.
    Who all flies in polluting jets, who all own or are invested in big polluting world wide (except now Russia who Putin says his countries people are doing much better without) international conglomerates, industries, food synthesizing and even now this cruel dirty sick industrial farming etc. these big drug companies all shipping around the world and highly polluting, they will be able to control badly the few of us left here for their amusement they selfishly think.
    The invented plannedemic and the invented before it the kill jab did not kill as many in fact hardly any at all in countries where they were not forced or mandated and lied to as we were and still are being.

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