CDC Created Covid-19 For Profit?

CDC Created Covid-19 For Profit? — Donna E sent this fascinating video by David Martin regarding patents and the Coronavirus.

Yes, patents have been issued involving coronavirus, a naturally occurring disease.

Martin says the development of Covid-19 was started for profit by people connected with the Center for Disease Control then was moved to Wuhan, China when good guys in government became uncomfortable with the direction it was taking.

CDC Created Covid-19 For Profit?

Maybe Covid-19 should be called the CDC Flu.

Martin calls out Tony Fauci,  Ralph Baric and many others.

Martin is the creator of the MCAM CNBC IQ100 index.

Watch Martin make his case here:

CDC Created Covid-19 For Profit?

One thought on “CDC Created Covid-19 For Profit?”

  1. With the Democrats and their bought out MSM, rumors are more likely truth than the fiction they print.
    We will probably never know the real truth.
    I also have heard that it was made in Canada, and stolen to China? Then again can anyone believe the CCP? who owns the puppets Trudeau and Biden etc.

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