Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn — Kudos to Stan Casacio for a top-flight show, Friday evening (April 8), with the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles 2022 Awards Ceremony at the Green Valley Country Club in Lafayette Hill., Pa.

Keynote speaker was Gen. Michael Flynn, who future generations will remember as a persecuted hero during a dark time in America.

Flynn, the recipient of the Phyllis Schlafly Freedom Award, described what we face as unprecedented that can’t compare with the Revolution or the Civil War. He said the battle wasn’t between Democrats and Republicans, or conservatives and progressives but between “those who love this country and traitors.”

The implication was well understood by the crowd of more than 200 that Republicans don’t automatically mean patriots.

Flynn said it was a spiritual fight with the opponents being those who hold that we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights, and those that want to bring forth a socialist/Marxist/fascist hell were people are mere pawns to be played with by those who hold power.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn
Stan Casacio at the podium. Seated from left are Gen. Flynn, Ed Martin, John Schlafly and an unidentified man.

He said this scheme well-preceded Donald Trump’s presidency. He noted that the removal of God from the Democrat platform in 2012 was planned.

He warned that sitting on the sidelines was no longer an option and that all who cared must get involved. He said he was doing it for his grandchildren.

When Flynn learned that an Oregonian was in the audience, he noted the Republican have not won there since the state went all mail-in voting two decades ago. He said it was a test case for those seeking to make elections forever meaningless.

The general talked about our low performing public schools. He described how parts of this great nation looked like third, even fourth, world places. He described wasteful wasteful spending and indifference among those who govern us. He said he was shocked when he was told that Pennsylvania’s budget was $42 billion for a state with 13 million residents.

Bad news, General. We got to $103 billion in spending in 2020-2021 before we stopped counting which was when departmental budgets dropped to nine digits.

Flynn and the event left one inspired rather than in despair, however. The panel and the crowd may have been diverse with regard to race and religion and sex but was upbeat, motivated and completely united in outlook.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn
Gen. Flynn and the publisher. Photo by Olivia Braccio

Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity, who won election in 2020, to our delight cited Russell Kirk , a brilliant thinker whose name we haven’t heard in a long time.

Bunny Welsh, who served as sheriff of Chester County for 20 years, described the great people in law enforcement and noted how the sacrifices they make are not exaggerated. She described how two of her deputies were gunned down by a man with mental problems during an eviction, and the sickness she felt as she heard it happening while she was in the communications room. She described the long anguish a deputy suffered when forced to shoot a person in the lobby of the Chester County Government Center.

Kathy Barnette, who is running to replace Pat Toomey as U.S. senator, described her youth growing up dirt-poor in Alabama in a home without running water. She said her her birth came about after her mother was raped at the age of 11. She said she always felt loved and grateful despite circumstances, and that it was this love that motivated her to go to college and become a success. Casacio met her a pro-life rally several years ago and encouraged her to enter politics. Flynn met her a year ago and also highly endorsed her.

Ms. Barnette said she is in the top three in polling despite the other two out-spending her more than 10 to 1.

Ms. Barnette is pro-life, pro school choice, pro border security and pro health care. We can safely say we have found a senate candidate we can back in the primary on May 17.

Teddy Daniels, a Purple Heart recipient for action in Afghanistan, made a strong pitch to be the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor. Video was shown of the combat where he received his wound. He is certainly someone for whom we can vote but, unlike the Senate race, there are other good candidates and we remain undecided. We confess, though, that he may be our front-runner.

State Sen. Doug Mastriano, (R-33), was the recipient of the event’s Pennsylvania Voter Integrity Award. Mastriano, who is running for governor, was praised for his military service, for his strong opposition to Gov. Wolf’s covid lockdowns, and for his support for an investigation into the 2020 election. He was endorsed by Casacio and Flynn, and by radio host Donald Beishl, Jr.

There are some people we respect who are very much opposed to Mastriano. We looked for him after the event to ask questions but were unable to find him. He mingled before hand and we likely could have talked to him then but things slipped away so shame on us.

Vote fraud was a big subject with no one in the room questioning that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

Toni Shuppe and Karen Taylor from Audit the Vote Pa described themselves as moms and homemakers, and explained how they became involved when it dawned on them how the election was stolen. They both had high praise for Mastriano.

Calvin Tucker, who is deputy chairman of the state GOP, described the in-roads Pennsylvania Republicans are making with communities that traditionally vote Democrat. He said Trump increased his share of the Black vote from 8 percent in 2016 to 12 percent in 2020. Consider it just one more proof that Trump won the election.

The depravity of abortion came up several times during the night especially with regard to the indifference shown by Washington D.C. authorities to discovery of the bodies of infants who may have been killed outside the womb.

Flynn said that earlier that day he urged Tucker Carlson to keep the story going.

Also mentioned was the unfair treatment of the January 6 protesters who are rotting in a D.C. jail for what is basically trespass.

There were at least two lawyers in the crowd representing some of them. They said the prisoners were not allowed to shave and the man all had thick beards.

Fourteen months in jail is a pretty long sentence for someone who has actually been convicted of a crime. No matter where one stands on the political spectrum, one should be outraged at people being held this long without bail or trial.

Also among the speakers was John Schlafly, who is Phyllis’s son, and Ed Martin.

Josephine Hughes sang The National Anthem, God Bless America and I’m Proud to Be an American. Pastor Todd Johnson gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Olivia Braccio handled photography.

Phyllis Schlafly, who died in 2016, was also an American hero, fighting and beating the Marxists and corporate feudalists starting in the 1950s. She wrote the perceptive and influential book A Choice Not An Echo, which you can read for free here.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn

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  1. From Greg Stenstrom: I continue to be concerned with the inexplicable cultish behavior of many of Mastriano’s fervent supporters, and insistence on denying the truth regardless of video, audio, and documented proof that Mastriano absolutely wanted to suspend and ignore citizens rights and make their medical records public and attack anyone who objected, including people’s vaccine status. He similarly denies anything negative that could be attributed to him and bridles and rejects any accountability for his actions or inaction, as in his denials regarding his participation In implementing Act 77. He not only voted for Act 77, he was on the Committee that crafted it, and advocated for no excuse mail in ballots. After initial denials by his religious flock, many of which he has told he is a prophet, and believe that, when they are presented with video evidence and documents that destroy his false narrative, they switch tactics and attack the persons presenting the facts, followed by accusations that it is disrespectful of veterans. When it is pointed out that his critics also include veterans of foreign wars, with chestfuls of medals, the narrative again switches to excuse his litany of poor judgement calls and discernment because he was new and inexperienced. Regardless that he had a duty to know, when we ask why we should reward the colossal mistakes he has repeatedly made due to inexperience by putting him in the governors chair to govern 12.5 million citizens we are attacked as “traitors” and “jezebels.” Mastriano previously annoyed most veterans of foreign wars that I know, especially officers, including myself, because he completely disregarded federal law and military regulations and almost three centuries of tradition by using his uniform as a costume and political tool. The military serves ALL of the citizenry no matter what their political party or affiliation, and no matter what their religion. What has become most galling and increasingly outrageous over the past few months are the insane attacks by Mastriano and Daniels on anyone that contradicts them. Mastriano has also had increasing problems telling the truth about the simplest things, like regularly blowing off scheduled appearances with hundreds of citizens whenever uncomfortable questions might be asked, or the audience won’t be punctuating every sentence he utters, whether word salad, or not, with an “alleluia.” I personally know of 4 large events he blew off in only the past three months, while he inexplicably published a video stating he had “maybe” missed one per year. When finally cornered and hemmed in by facts, video, audio, and documentation refuting his lies, he and his cultish flock proclaim that anyone asking reasonable questions or challenging his ascendency as a “jezebel” and demon member of “klatches” with unclean hearts. It’s gone far beyond political discourse into truly bizarre and alarming behavior. Every single thread I have been tagged in or participated in with the truth about Mastriano ends with my comments being deleted, and me being blocked. What started out as annoyance and discomfort regarding Mastriano, has evolved into a growing dumpster fire of problems and alarm bells that are deeply concerning. Mastriano was groomed and supported by Val DiGiorgio, the former head of the PA GOP who was a partner in the same law firm and office as Josh Shapiro, and plugged into an “unexpected” vacancy and special election in June 2019. DiGiorgio was removed from his position for sexual texts and other misconduct by the GOP and replaced by Lawrence Tabas – a rabid “never Trumper.” Mastriano was immediately placed on the Government Committee that pushed through 31 key election reforms that became Act 77. Only 2 House Representatives voted “No” – Zimmerman and Metzger, and they and citizen Doug McLinko successfully challenged Act 77 as unconstitutional in the Commonwealth Court. Doug was on TV 5 minutes after that verdict and order taking credit for it despite having absolutely nothing to do with it. Rather than craft legislation or initiating litigation to force lawfully required audits and investigations, Mastriano twittered away valuable months talking about how he was “fighting” and ended up writing letters asking Philadelphia, York, and Fulton (PA) Counties to do them, to which Philly and York not surprisingly said “no.” Mastriano had access to a mountain of hard physical evidence of massive election fraud included in Leah Hoopes, Ruth Moton, and my litigation, and our testimony at the hearing he chaired in Gettysburg, as well as investigative reports on voting machines from Wake TSI that were put directly into his hands showing unauthorized software and hardware in the voting machines. Wake TSI, a PA firm located less than an hours drive from his office, developed and executed the audit procedures in Maricopa, AZ, which Mastriano also knew, but rather than engage with available expert resources in his backyard, he made a grandstand trip to Arizona. I could go on, with a longer litany of facts that contradict Mastriano’s narrative that he has “fought” for the citizenry, but it is wasted on his fan base, and I expect it will be deleted here anyways. Anyone with questions is welcome to IM or call me – including Mastriano – an offer he has never taken up on.
    Kristen Mashione Bishop
    Greg Stenström I appreciate the depth of information. Do you believe we currently have a candidate who has never made a mistake? Or never will make a mistake? I think they all have things they will try to keep quiet, there are no perfect human beings. At this point it is a matter of choosing the best candidate of the bunch, not the perfect candidate.
    Greg Stenström
    Kristen Mashione Bishop – Mastriano’s “mistake” was getting on the Government Committee to so drastically change election law in PA that it resulted in a coup d’état and the installation of an illegitimate government, and a very real probability that our country will be destroyed by enemies his arrogance and inexperience enabled. He compounded and doubled down on it by lying about it and not taking responsibility or accountability for it. Then tripled down for the trifecta when he attacked common citizens like Leah Hoopes, and me, who were left alone to investigate, litigate, and fight the election fraud of 2020 that unless we fix, we will never have an honest election again. Those are some pretty big “whoopsies.” I am a naval officer, was a commanding officer and executive officer, a US Naval Academy graduate, and qualified to evaluate men and other officers, and earned the right to do so. There are plenty of Colonel (O6) Mastiano’s in the military – who are good and faithful servants, who do exactly what they are told, obey the orders from their superiors, follow regulation meticulously, collect multiple graduate degrees, and are effective career officers that our nation needs, and we should be grateful for, but have never had to make a decision. While they are professional soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, they are not “leaders” capable of governing 12.5 million citizens and one of the largest economies in the world. There are no rule books, superiors or “powers that be” to tell them what to do. They are not ready for the big chair, and never will be. Doug does not have what it takes to sit in that chair, and his inexperience and frankly, stupidity and poor judgement when left in a room with sharks and miscreants should have demonstrated that to anyone who is really looking. Similarly, Ted Daniels first person youtube video running down a hill in a firefight might impress a civilian, but as a professional, my assessment is that any idiot can be a bullet sponge once, and the reason the rest of his squad was headed up the peak while he was headed down, was they were fit enough to tactically withdraw to defilade cover and high ground. Trust me when I tell you that no officer of senior non-commissioned officer would order a fat 34-year old PFC (private first class) to single handedly head off in a different direction to draw fire away from the rest of the squad. That is an impossibility – and could not have happened. So – while I appreciate and respect Daniels’ service, being a running man target does not qualify you to be Lieutenant Governor. In McSwain’s case, he built an entire career and was an effective administrator, prosecutor, attorney, manager, bureaucrat, and is highly qualified – but when he was challenged with a moment of courage to do the right thing, he “followed orders” – even though he knew they were wrong, and unlawful, and resulted in a successful coup d’etat and installation of an illegitimate government. That is a pooch screwing that is unrecoverable. I do not know all the candidates, but know that Lou Barletta, Joe Gale, Rick Saccone, Sean Gale, and maybe a couple of others are qualified, leaders who know what it takes to sit in the big chair, and operate in a den of snakes. That’s the job. They are ready, Doug and Ted are not. There are “whoopsies,” mistakes, and then great big monster f*ck ups that are unrecoverable and Mastriano, McSwain, and Daniels have all screwed the pooch in big league ways. That’s how I see things, and I understand I may be more critical than most.

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