Transgenderism Is Child Abuse

Transgenderism Is Child Abuse — Bob S from Swarthmore sent this link regarding the normalizing of transgenderism in young children.

It’s child abuse.

Transgenderism Is Child Abuse

Doubt us? Maybe you just never heard the other side.

Paul McHugh, the noted doctor who was Johns Hopkins Hospital’s psychiatrist in chief, said one reason the establishment support it is that it is a big money maker.

You heard that right? Of course you didn’t.

Have you heard of Abigail Shrier’s book  Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters describing how a transgender craze in schools is causing girls and teens to hate their sex? Doubt it. Amazon banned advertising for it after all.

On the other hand, they still carry it and it is the top seller in LGBT Demographic Studies

Maybe you have heard of it, after all.

Sick people have taken over our institutions.

Transgenderism Is Child Abuse

One thought on “Transgenderism Is Child Abuse”

  1. It is like the CCP neutering their millions of re education camp prisoners when they are not harvesting their organs or renting them out as slave labor, they do not have a choice either, neither do these children. Our propaganda school systems must be stopped, too late in Canada, it is very sad, I have a personal story that is happening here in Canada to a single mother of two young boys being forced into this, her boys keep asking her if they are boys or girls and is being told by the school that she must go along with them being girls or they will charge her, she is taking this to our lefty courts, they were neighbors they are gone now, I pray they are OK.
    Some how you must keep President Trump, he must win again, so the USA wins again, he has said he will fix the schools systems there, at least try to, I keep waiting for the addition by the left media to add the P to LGBTQ to their growing sexual groups so they expect us all to accept it also under the law here in Canada. What kind of people are running all our schools. (oh your not allowed to even print this in Canada, even in the few Supposed Conservative medias and they are all staying out of the USA’s coup on your President, it is like living with the mentally sick enemy, here now fair law and order, truth transparency and trust is leaving and gone.) PRESIDENT TRUMP MUST WIN, luckily he is a fighter and so are many Americans.

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