Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones — Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA28), who is one of the faces of the Democrat Party, ought to be very careful about throwing stones.

On yesterday’s (Sept 20) Morning Joe show, he said regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that the GOP is OK with “putting someone who committed attempted rape on the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Really? A 36-year-old allegation rife with vagueness and inconsistencies and with a strong taint of politics equals guilt?


Hey Congressman, have you done a DuckDuckGo search of your name with “pedophile” added?

Did you see what some rather notable people are implying about you?

Adam Schiff Pedophile


Are you really being blackmailed as one best-selling author is claiming?

Should the FBI investigate?

Or maybe we should recognize that bearing false witness is a sin, the presumption of innocence is paramount, and that allegations made without evidence are best ignored.

We’d be very careful about changing the rules. Your opponents will most certainly play by the ones you set and we won’t blame them.

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones

3 thoughts on “Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones”

  1. Pretty much every powerful person in entertainment along with leftist news media and democrats have stolen and deceived american taxpayers for decades. The upper echelons of control are all satanists.

  2. Where are the people who have witnessed this Schiff Pedo??? Children are being violated and abused!!! Who will come forward with the truth to save others from these monsters!! Stand up and remember the truth will set you free, be an American and stand up for your country and fellow Americans. Fear is fear itself.

  3. Tiffany: Looks like those who want to STAND UP & talk are suicided . Powerful corrupt people with crimes to hide are dangerous, ask hillary who ‘knows personally’ over 100 people who have “committed suicide”

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