Impeachment Lawyers Representing Delco Vote Fraud Whistleblowers

Impeachment Lawyers Representing Delco Vote Fraud Whistleblowers –Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom have retained attorneys Bruce Castor and Michael van der Veen to represent them in their crusade to explain the bizarre irregularities in Delaware County, Pa.’s voting tabulations from the Nov. 3 election.

Castor has already entered his appearance in Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, says Ms. Hoopes.

Castor and van der Veen were part of the the victorious team in Trump’s second kangaroo-court impeachment trial.

Ms. Hoopes and Stenstrom –who were Delaware County Board of Elections certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center — testified at the Nov. 25 hearing in Gettysburg before state senators that the chain of custody for ballots was shattered in Delaware County, and the USB drives containing records from voting machines disappeared.

When the Board of Elections ignored their concerns, they took the matter, on Dec. 22, to Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

Judge John Capuzzi did not allow them to present evidence or allow discovery to see ballots and envelopes, Ms. Hoopes says.

After Capuzzi dismissed their case on Jan. 11 –with prejudice — the Democrat-controlled county, in which can only be considered an act of intimidation, sought $19,224.56 in attorney fees from the whistleblowers.

Ms. Hoopes says their fundraising campaign has allowed them to hire the high powered legal team but money is still needed and contributions are continued to be accepted at

Impeachment Lawyers Representing Delco Vote Fraud Whistleblowers
Impeachment Lawyers Representing Delco Vote Fraud Whistleblowers

3 thoughts on “Impeachment Lawyers Representing Delco Vote Fraud Whistleblowers”

  1. What would be very interesting to see done, is where and who from are these Judges and illegal parties being paid by? This needs looking into since we keep hearing how big tech and G. So ros bought out all these Elections fra udsters.

  2. -What exactly do they want the outcome to be for the $100,000 they are asking to raise?
    – They obviously won’t be able to overturn the Presidential election. They also won’t be able to overturn the Pruett election, there are 2 other counties involved and the margin of loss is too great in all of them for the results in 3 democratic counties to mathematically change the result.
    -Have they hired Castor and are trying to raise a potential $100,000 ($25,000 of which is retainer) to overturn the $19,000 they are being charged for bringing the initial case? Spending more on new legal fees to overturn old legal fees.
    -Is the case with Castor now also to have the original case heard, so all their evidence can be seen, to try and get original ruling overturned, all the while with the hope they don’t get slapped with additional fees from the Board of Elections?
    – Is the case with Castor now more on principle that they saw irregularities and regardless of the original timeframe presented, just want it all heard to try to prove and then have the court acknowledge the irregularities and then what outcome do they want with that information if that is what is ruled?
    -What exactly do they wish to accomplish from hiring Castor, etal. I truly wish them well

    1. What is in it for the Plaintiffs? Nothing monetarily. Everything on principle. They want their day in court so their evidence can be heard. The remedy will be whatever the court decides it should be, including decertification of the county and PA, since it was DelCo that likely decided the outcome for PA. They want election crimes to be prosecuted. They want elected officials who refused to prosecute election crimes to be exposed and to be held accountable. They want the county to run fair and accurate elections going forward. They want to be vindicated for having their names smeared for doing their duty as citizens.

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