Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results

Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results — Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom are being sued for costs — claimed to be $19,224.56 — relating to their actions against the Delaware County (Pa.) Board of Elections for perceived irregularities stemming from the Nov. 3 election.

Leah and Stenstrom –who were Delaware County Board of Elections certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center — testified at the Nov. 25 hearing in Gettysburg before state senators that the chain of custody for ballots was shattered in Delaware County, and the USB drives containing records from voting machines disappeared.

Leah says when the Board of Elections ignored their concerns, they took the matter, on Dec. 22, to Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

Judge John Capuzzi did not allow them to present evidence or allow discovery to see ballots and envelopes, she says.

On Jan. 11, he dismissed the case with prejudice.

And now, the Democrat-controlled county, in which can only be considered an act of intimidation, is seeking attorney fees, despite the attorneys defending the board being county employees.

OK, there doesn’t seem to be any dispute that USB drives vanished and the chain of custody was violated.

Why aren’t the courts interested in investigating? Why hasn’t there been any resolution to the voter books that were given to unauthorized persons as we reported on Oct. 31?

Capuzzi is a Republican. So what? People are starting to realize that it is not about Democrat vs Republican but a battle between people who want to get rich off of government — i.e. have the people be the servants — and those who know that it is government that should serve the people.

Leah says the Delaware County Republican Party has abandoned them in their battle as has the state party. Leah says the GOP lawyer they had quit and their new one, Deborah Silver, has been threatened with disbarment.

“We are being denied our 1st Amendment rights plain and simple,” said Leah. “Who is protecting us? Where is law enforcement?”

Leah says she and Stenstrom are raising money to continue her legal battle and contributions can be made here:

Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results
Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results

28 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Sued By County For Questioning Election Results”

    1. I understand they wanted to be heard. I read the entire case on line in Delco Court of Common Pleas, & response.
      1. They claimed their candidate was denied the right to know the fair outcome ..a loss of 35-65% says outcome. Candidate says they were winning Delco on election night, truth is, when you add in Phila and Montco, she was losing election night. Was losing at end of election night total election before all mail ballots were counted in 3 democrat counties. There is no doubt of result. Sorry she feels she won, or was cheated, but she didn’t win.
      2. Tried to sue on a point that was already decided in court. In early Nov.
      3. Wanted to jail Delco Election Board & unseat Scanlon and didn’t even enjoin Scanlon in the case. And award Pruett $1,000.
      4. Brought case more than 7 weeks past Election Day.
      All serious charges, Election board needed expert outside council to defend these charges. Read the case, how it was presented, language and court response. Pearl Kim (R) lost against Scanlon (D) by the same %. Nothing would change the clear results of election. Do Elections need to be cleaned up, yes, but this election for the 5th congressional seat had a clear loser and winner.

      1. A fair outcome is an outcome based on an election conducted within the confines of the law and the winner and loser is a moot point. Based on your logic, since the election was so lopsided, following the law does not matter. It seems that every court, state, and county in the US agrees with you. I suppose it does not bother you that the PA General Assembly, with malice and forethought, disenfranchised every PA voter with the passing of ACT 77 in direct violation of the PA Constitution. In fact, based on the PA Constitution as written today, they rendered every mail in vote as illegitimate. Should not every one of those ballots be thrown out and force them to face the ire of those voters they betrayed? One has to ask, why have THE LAW in the first place if those we elect and appoint to positions of civic trust knowingly violate it without consequence? It appears the perversion of the law is complete and as Bastiat has said,”The Law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others”.

      2. This may be a nice summary of the way you interpret the facts but you’re missing the point altogether.

        Only a bully State would choose to intimidate its citizens in this way for simply questioning the process (by presenting a case that had viable evidence at the ready, I might add!) – and try to force said citizens to reimburse their own county attorneys after the fact.

        This is nothing short of attempted intimidation and I hope that they do not back down.

        You let this kind of thing go on, where elected officials start thinking that the citizenry works for them instead of vice versa, and we will soon no longer have a Democratic Republic – we will have full-blown tyranny!

        1. I love your response!
          Thank you for sharing.
          We are witnessing Genocide, Communism, and Tyranny.
          We are to fight back with logic, not play down and let the unstable Ionic compound, criminals and human sex trafficking government officials win. They are not following the OCTET RULE.
          We The People must rise up and fight for our freedom and constitutional rights without violence. Our voices need to be heard in your local communities face-to-face. Big Tech social media cannot censor the truth this way. Furthermore, stop empowering the fake media SHUT THE NEWS OFF, stop buying China products, stop posting on Social media. We have major work to be done. United we stand or Divided we fall. It’s your God given choice, bit of you choose to sit down. Don’t blame God, because God gave us all voices and free will. But he will give you courage as well to not be enslaved and chained up as a prisoner of war.

      3. The very fact that there was two poll watchers for the City of Chester make Delaware County results null and void. Sorry. Hi saw a lot of things and heard a lot of things particularly about people getting threatened just for trying to do their job. I heard of a . woman in Phila was physically threatened. The entire chain of command to protect the ballots was broken over and over. There are so many discrepancies I can’t keep track of all of the states that happened in with ballots being transported across state lines in the middle of the night. I have saved in my phone to personal accounts of people working for the Postal Service being forced to change dates and certify ballots. Of course Trump won. I don’t give a damn whether you read the her legal case or not .

      4. Seven weeks since election day? Would they not need a completion of their FOIA request before court proceedings? Next, they have to deal with the evidence they requested being destroyed on camera. They also need to raise money since they are up against corrupt government officials generously spending taxpayer money on themselves to destroy dissenting citizens. Investigations and building a case, especially in the face of such autocracy, take years, not weeks.

  1. Great piece. As a resident of DE county PA I am a appalled but not surprised. How do we reach out to this pos judge and to the county to voice our concerns? My rep here Chris Quinn, a republican, is as useless as a box of moldy strawberries. Out state senators are even worse. Any info is appreciated.


    1. Hi John. I see your comment is an old one. I’m only reading it now but I want to answer your question of how to reach out to the county to express your concerns about elections. Please join other patriots as we attend meetings of the Board of Elections and the DelCo Council. We are there for every meeting speaking up against the fraud. Check the website for dates and times.

  2. Par for the course for the corrupt Delaware country. From the in your corruption of the county’s largest police force to the courts now. Used to be a rough but nice place to live, where unless you were a total dirt bag you were treated with respect. With Dems taking over taxes will be going up. Crime already is. They just don’t report it. Glad I’ll be out on a few years. Looking forward to returning here in 15 years. It will look like Darby.

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