What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying? — The Republicans are treating with kid gloves Christine Blasey Ford who claims that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh groped her at a high school party 36 years ago, something that Kavanaugh unequivocally denies.

“Dr. Ford shouldn’t be threatened or insulted & she deserves to be heard. I expect my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to be respectful & treat this situation with the sensitivity it deserves . . .,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)  tweeted.

But what if clinical psychologist Ford is a bad person? What if she is cynically lying for a political agenda, indifferent to any lives she ruins? Why is this possibility apparently being rejected?

We’ll grant that threats and insults are never appropriate or productive but it is foolish to deny that great big elephant sitting there in the room. It is highly possible, probable actually, that she is lying through her teeth to advance a political cause.

Yes, women lie and ruin men’s lives.

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying

In fairness to Grassley, he seems to be seething under the skin. Here is a letter he sent to ranking Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?

9 thoughts on “What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?”

  1. It’s going nowhere. It’s blowing up in Feinstein’s, Schumer’s, and the rest of those nitwits’ faces.

    Even giving Ford the benefit of the doubt that she remembers something-and that is being especially generous-there is no credible evidence that whatever happened involved Kavanaugh.

    This is political propaganda of the kind that our American Left’s/Progressives’ intellectual cousins, the various Marxists and the fascists, historically employed. And transparently so.

  2. OK, if the allegations in the Kavanaugh are fake, to prevent a Conservative from getting onto the Supreme Court, then why did no one come up with any such charges during the John Robert Confirmation Hearings?

    Also, the idea that a rape victim is lying, if she doesn’t charge out & make an immediate claim, look at this:


  3. A polygraph test is not a ” lie detector” test. It has no relevance to this issue of identifying who she is accusing.
    What is relevant to this case are the notes supposedly taken during her pscho-therapy session and the circumstances that originally created the allegations, why is that not being disclosed? Besides the premeditated hatred towards KAVANAUGH, what sane individual could actually believe any legitimacy to her claim that KAVANAUGH did this.
    I detest the new “hitword” that is being applied to Ford labeling her as a survivor. What actually did she survive from?
    Brett KAVANAUGH was a good looking kid -just look at pictures of him when in high school. Why would a handsome,responsible football player and student waste his time or even bother to ” feel up” that ugly Christine Blasey?

  4. I did not believe Ford the minute she began speaking and, in that baby talk voice? Come on, the woman supposedly is a Doctor, a Psychotherapist and teaches, in that six year old voice? And why didn’t she come to testify right away like Judge Kavanaugh stated he wanted to right away? Plain and simple, the week she took off she was being Coached by her evil Attorneys. They most likely coached her on how to act and what to say. I would also like to know the exact number of beers she actually had. She states she only had one beer? Yeah right!

    1. Christine B Ford was thought how to talk and behave for 6 days while the senate was waiting for her to drive from California to Washington.
      6 years old baby voice, what a show …..
      I am truly ashamed of Jeff Flake and the other two Republican Women Senators….. Republican Senators should back each other and stab each other…
      Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed. Amen

  5. Ford knows how to manipulate, she is a psychotherapist. The fact that she doesn’t know how she got there, where she was, or how she got home but with 100 percent certainty knows it was Kavanaugh raises red flags. If she was that drunk to not know, then why isn’t she being labeled a stumbling drunk? If she is indeed lying I hope there will be repercussions. I am a woman that worries for the men in this country if a woman can simply make accusations and destroy other people’s lives..especially one who has had a clean record for past 35 years!

  6. Of course she lied. Lets look at the facts, she is a die hard democrat who probably was very upset when Donald Trump won the election. But beyond that by helping out the Democrats she had an opportunity to make a very large amount of money. A Democrat organization, gofundme.com has raised $627,000 which will be given directly to her not to mention many hundreds of thousand of other dollars from other places. For the ordinary person that is a hell of a lot of money. No one seems to have the courage to come forth and say that she just made up the story for money . Truth is that is probably exactly what happened.

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