Early Morn, Pre-Debate Rally For Smith

Well-wisher will gather 8:30 this morning, Oct. 26, outside WPVI Channel 6 on City Line Avenue in suppor of GOP senate candidate Tom Smith in his debate with Democrat incumbent Bob Casey Jr., according to Don Adams of Independence Hall Tea Party PAC 

The debate is closed to the public.
“While Tom is not a practiced professional politician like Bob Casey, we think he’ll more than hold his own against the Senator — Barack Obama’s number one ally in Pennsylvania,” said Adams.
Adams notes that immediately following the greeting,  his group and WPHT talk show host Dom Giordano will host a yard sign party at 3 W. Lancaster Pike, Ardmore, Pa 19003.
Giordano will broadcast from the site from which Romney/Ryan and Catholics for Romney/Ryan/Smith yard signs will be distributed.

2 thoughts on “Early Morn, Pre-Debate Rally For Smith”

  1. So help me on this,,,,,,While Smerconish was interviewing the President of the United States in the Oval Office, Dura-Flam Don Adams was hosting a rally for a Debate that was closed to the Public while Domnesia Giordano was preparing to run up and down Lancaster Avenue Like a Horses A$$ handing out Catholics for Romney signs to people who should be working. At what point does “Pathetic search for relevance enter anyone’s mind”?

  2. At what point does “Pathetic search for relevance enter anyone’s mind”?

    That is a question one suspects Barack Obama will be facing on Nov. 7.

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